Stunt rider

Arian van Zweden was born in 1973. When he was 8 he started to play with mopeds, and when he was 18 he started to ride a motor bike (legally). After 8 years and riding many bikes he discovered stunt riding.

In 1999 Arian visited a stunt riding competition in the Uk and after that he took some lessons in England and Scotland. His teacher was former world champion Kevin Carmichael, after that they became friends and Arian assisted Kevin at many of his shows.

The first stunt bike was a Suzuki DR 650 Supermoto, but when Arians level improved he changed that bike for a Suzuki Bandit 1200 which suits his style very much. Until this day he still uses a Bandit 1200 in his shows.

Next to the stunt riding and his mechanics job at Budelpack he likes to work on the bikes, doing the PR stuff (like making this website) and he likes a good party now and then.