For the most 2-up and 3-up stunts and the Burnouts the AvZ team uses a Suzuki Bandit 1200. This bike has a strong frame, and a torqy engine.

For stuntriding there are foot pegs at the frontforks and a wheely bar at the back of the bike.

A Tsubaki chain set with 7th bigger rear sprocket brings the power to the back wheel.

To sound more alive there is a shortened BOS end can fitted.

HK suspension fitted stronger fork springs and a steering damper.

Adrie van Burgh Painted the bike in bright red and the Guys from Van den Boom Reclame made the graphics.

Bridgestone Tyres make the grip to the world.

To stop(pie) we use Lucas sintered brakepads.

The engine gets filled with Putoline oil.

To get the best performance, the carbs are tuned on the dyno @ Ruud Fredriks

For the slow wheelies and the stoppies we use a Suzuki GSX-R600.

This bike is sponsored by de Jonge Motoren. It has a quick response because its fuell injected and very light.

It has the same mods as the Bandit only the Tsubaki chain set on this bike has a 1 teeth smaller front sprocket and a 19 tooth bigger sprocket on the back.

It also has a handbrake for the backwheel fitted.

Al the credits for that are going to mr Kevin Carmichael from Scotland because he was the first stuntrider who had an extra back brake.