Hello, and welcome to the Clubs Page! Here you can find the list of clubs on campus. Also available is a guide to fill out all the forms that clubs use. If you planning on applying for a club in the 2020-2021 school year, the New Club Application is linked below.

NEw clubs website!!!!: (shoutout to the very talented AV Web for designing it!!!)

Amador Clubs Walk through page 2020-21:


Blank PO Form.pdf

Blank PO Form

Club Budget.pdf

Blank Budget Form

Club Meeting Minutes.pdf

Meeting Minutes Form

Event Request Form

Fundraiser Request Form

*If the forms are not working, please CLICK HERE!

**If you are looking how information of how to fill out forms (Purchase Orders, Fundraiser Forms, and others), please click the link: Student Activities Forms


Want to join a club?

2020-21 Club Meeting Times, Locations, and Info!

(This spreadsheet has the information regarding club meeting times and places for 2019-20. The spreadsheet for the 2020-21 school year will be updated in September when the Club Renewal procedures are completed.)

The Club Handbook has all the club guidelines regarding advisors, meeting minutes, and fundraisers/events (for on campus/unlimited off).

Submit Club Meeting Minutes:

Quarter 1 - Form here!

Quarter 2 - Form here!

Quarter 3 - Form here!

Quarter 4 - Form here!

To submit a PO, you must attach a physical copy of meeting minutes that show record of your club dicussing and agreeing to allocate club funds in a certain way. These physical forms can be found at the Activities Desk or M-1.

Assistant Club Advisor Form

Copy of Asst. Club Advisor Form 2019-2020.pdf

Workshop Resources

December 5, 2019 - Club Finance Workshop

  • HERE is the link to the presentation


We have finished receiving applications for the semester as the maximum of 25 new club applications has been reached. This section of the website will be updated when the acceptance interval of new club applications opens again.

For the 2020-21 school year, please email your club application to,,, and The signatures that are needed for the application can be obtained digitally.