Hello, and welcome to the Club's Page.  Here you can find the list of clubs and when/where they meet.  Also, available is a guide to fill out all the forms that clubs use. If you planning on applying for a club in the 2016-2017 school year, the New Club Application is linked at the bottom.  New Club Applications are no longer being accepted. 

A document with all club guidelines regarding advisors, meeting minutes, fundraisers/events(3 on campus/unlimited off) is attached at the bottom of this page titled "Club Handbook"

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Club NameAdvisorMeeting PlaceMeeting TimeContact
Club NameAdvisorMeeting PlaceMeeting TimeContact
ACE Coding Club Mr. Hanson D-8 Lunch every other Thursday 
Amador Anglers Mr. Jones P-1 Lunch every other Wednesday 
Angkor  Ms. Bedgood H-3 Lunch every other Thursday 
Anime Club Mrs. Murphy  I-2 Lunch every other Tuesday 
Archery Club Ms. Hubbard L-4 Lunch every other Wednesday 
Art Club Mr. Doyle M-6 Lunch every other Friday 
ASL Club Ms. Heller I-8 Lunch every other week, date TBD 
AV Botz  Ms. Barnett Dreyfuss  D-11 Lunch every other Tuesday  
AVHSABA (AVHS Amateur Basketball Association) Mr. Jones Lunch on Mondays GYM 
Aviation Club  Mr. Dennis  G-4 Lunch every other Monday, 1st Meeting: Sept. 12th  
Badminton Club  Mr. Serranno Large Gym  Lunch every Wednesday 
Biotech Club Mr. Benson Q-211 Lunch every other Thursday 
Bollywood/Bhangra  Mrs. Wolfe  MP Fridays after school  
California Scholarship Federation  Mr. Ladd and Ms. Wohlgemuth J-5 Second & Fourth Tuesday's of each month at Lunch 
Cancer Club open  Lunch every other Tuesday  
Chemistry Club Ms. Habecker D-2 Every other Wednesday 
Chess Club  Mr. Daldorf  Q-208 Lunch on Wednesdays  
Chinese Culture Club  Ms. Yang  D-2  Lunch every other Tuesday 
Competitive Computer Science Club  Mr. Hanson  D-8 Afterschool on Thursday 
Dance Team  Ms. Kirksey  MP After School  
DECA  Ms. Sui P-9 Lunch every other Monday  
Drama Club  Ms. Kirksey  F-1 Lunch every other Wednesday 
Engineering Club  Mr. Dennis G-1 Lunch every other Tuesday 
Ethics Club  Mr. Kushner I-2 Lunch  
Fashion Club  Mr. Yovino Q-212 Lunch every other Tuesday 
FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) Mr. Chun B-5 Lunch every 1-2 weeks 
FCA (Fellow Christian Athletes) Ms. Scavone and Ms. Silva GYM or P-1 Last Thursday of every month 
Fencing Club  Mr. Benson  M-8 Fridays  
Film and Video Production Club Mrs. Connelly J-4 Lunch on Wednesdays w/ two week splits 
FISH Club  Mrs. Mistry  E-3 Lunch every other Tuesday  
French Honors Society  Madame Genard  I-3 Lunch every other Tuesday  
Game Design Club  Mr. Hanson  D-8  Fridays at Lunch/After School  
GirlUp Mrs. Anderson Q-104 Every other Wednesday  
Guitar Club Mr. Weaver L-2 Lunch every other Tuesday 
Hip-Hop Club/BBoy Club Mr. Yee Small Gym  Lunch every other Wednesday  
Hockey Club Mr. Peacock L-5 Lunch every other Tuesday 
HOSA  Ms. Hasenpflung  P-3 Lunch every other Wednesday 
ICOM  Mrs. Mistry  E-3 Lunch every other Tuesday  
Interact Club Mr. Kelly Library Lab B or MP Lunch every other Friday 
Interfaith for Youth Mr. Scherer Library Lab B Tuesdays, every two weeks 
Investment Club  Mrs. Anderson  Q-104 Lunch everyother Thursday 
Key Club  Sra. Lord-Eyewe  Q-201 Lunch every other Friday  
Latino Club  Mr. Serrano Small AV Office (Liaison Room) Lunch every other Thursday  
LEAD open  Lunch every other Wednesday 
LiNK (Liberty in North Korea) Ms. Hague P-3 Lunch every other Wednesday 
Local Leaders of the 21st Mr. Ladd J5, Library Lab B, or MP (dependent on the activity) Every third Friday lunch as a whole; subgroups may meet as much as every week 
Math Team  Mr. Cheng B-6 Lunch 
Mock Trial  Mrs. Wohlgemuth  L-3 Wednesday evenings  
Music for Change  Mr. Aubel  Choir Room Fridays after school 
Muslim Student Association Mr. Scherer Library Lunch every other Friday 
Neuroscience Club Mrs. Da Costa Periera D-1 Lunch every other Tuesday 
Physics Club Mr. Brix D-11 Lunch every other Friday 
Project RISHI Mr. Kushner L-3 Every other Wednesday 
Quizbowl Club  Mr. Ladd J-5 Lunch every 4th Tuesday  
RDC (Rare Disease Club) Mr. Snyder H-5 Lunch every other Friday 
Red Cross Club  Mr. Yovino  L-4 Lunch every other Thursday  
Science Alliance  open  Lunch every other Thursday 
Science For Youth  Mrs. Walker Career Center Mondays once a mouth at Lunch  
Science Team Mr. Dalldorf Q-208 Lunchtime every other Tuesday 
SIMS Club (Students Interested in Medical Science) Mrs. Farthing  I-6 Lunch every other week  
Space and Astronomy Club  Mr. Melby  D-3 Twice a month on Thursday 
Spanish Pen Pals Mrs. Castro Q-206 Every fourth Wednesday 
Speech and Debate Club  Mrs. Cornish/Mrs. Gray H-7 Tuesdays & Wednesdays after schol  
Spikeball Club Mr. Serrano Softball Field Lunch every other Thursday 
Spring Science Extravaganza  Mrs. Simms  D-4 Lunch every 1st and 3rd Tuesday  
Sudoku Club Mr. Snyder H-5 Lunch every other Monday 
Technology Student Association  Mrs. James  G-1 Lunch every other Tuesday 
Ukulele Club  Mrs. Da Costa  D-1 Lunch on Wednesdays  
Ultimate Frisbee Club Mrs. Benadjaoud I-5; and if weather permits JV softball field  1st and 3rd Mondays of each month 
UNICEF Mr. Murphy  Q-204  Lunch every other Thursday  
YoungLife Ms. Silva MPR Every Monday 
Yo-Yo Club  McGrath  B-2 Lunch on Mondays  
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