About Us

The Avon East and ELC Boosters are the parent/teacher association for Avon ELC and Avon East elementary schools, representing kindergarten, first grade, second grade and Soaring Eagles preschool.

If you would like more information on the Avon ELC and East Boosters, email aelceastboosterspresident@gmail.com

2023-2024 PTA Executive Board


Tricia Alberini


VP, Legislation

Morgan Becka


VP, Programming, East

Carly Kennedy


VP, Programming, ELC

Adriane DeFiore


VP, Ways and Means

Maggie Newton


VP, Membership

Angela Fabek



Gabrielle Sheridan


Recording Secretary

Jenna Kenyon


Corresponding Secretary

Kelly Weaver


Preschool Grade Rep

Allie Waring


Kindergarten Grade Rep

Caitlin Moran


1st Grade Rep

Cara Detwiler


2nd Grade Rep

Linda Ochs


Executive Board Roles and Responsibilities:


Creates agendas and chairs all Boosters meetings.  Oversees all Boosters committees/activities and works with the principals.  Works with the Executive Board to determine annual budget.  Coordinates the filing of building permits for events and meetings. Handles questions and issues from members, committee chairs, teachers, principals and Board of Education staff as necessary.  Provides content for monthly newsletter, as appropriate.


Vice President – Ways and Means

Chairs all fundraising activities.  Brings ideas to the Executive Board for voting on activities. Coordinates with the Principals on activities planned.  Solicits volunteers for fundraising activities as necessary.  Works with the Treasurer to ensure accounting of all monies raised.  Provides content for the monthly newsletter as appropriate.


Vice President – Legislature

Maintains Booster's Standing Rules and Bylaws.  Coordinates with membership Standing Rules and Bylaws changes.  Brings ideas of changes to the membership for voting and approval.  Handles Staff Requests and fulfilling those requests.

VPs - Programming 

Responsible for coordinating all program at either AELC or East with the building principal.

VP - Member Engagement

Responsible for setting up membership initiatives at the start of the school year. Coordinates any and all Family Fun and/or member activities.

Recording Secretary 

Responsible for writing minutes at monthly meetings.  Maintains website and includes announcements and volunteer opportunities as necessary.  Creates monthly newsletter for distribution to all students.  Sends all communications to members on events and other news.

Corresponding Secretary 

Responsible for appropriate thank yous, Executive Board thank yous, Notepad and Decal sales and fulfillment.  


Responsible for all accounting, check writing and filing taxes.  Coordinates end-of-year financial audit. Provides monthly financial update at meetings.  

Grade Representatives

Coordinates Room Parent selection process.  Provides training and assistance to Room Parents on activities, roles and responsibilities and expectations. Coordinates with teachers in their assigned grades for needed volunteers and other activities.  Answers questions as necessary from grade parents.