Embroidered Headbands/T-shirts

Post date: Oct 14, 2012 2:59:33 AM

Dancing Death Eater Rosie is a woman of many talents, and embroidery is one of them. This is a time-consuming endeavor, but Rosie is donating her skills to our Kickstarter. Now, for only $40 you can get a cool Harry Potter design embroidered onto a t-shirt! The designs can be seen in the attached PDF. The t-shirts used will be American Apparel: Crew t-shirt or

V-neck t-shirt.

If you're a Quidditch player (or just into headbands), I've got even better news! For only $20, you can get a headband with an embroidered design on it! Be the envy of your team by having a headband with a broomstick, Snitch, or "Quidditch" on it!

Here's a preview of what the finished products look like:

Headbands T-shirts