The magic of handcrafted musical instruments!

Aurellia Guitars 



My name is Emilian Lalev. My love towards the guitar appeared as a child. I used to sing and play the rhythm guitar in a rock band, and composed some of the songs we made.

I like innovations in music and instrument design. On the other hand, I respect the achievments in acoustics and precision of famous old master luthiers.

My friend Violeta as a model for AurelliaI take much pleasure in constructing musical instruments - from the mere plotting of the plans to the finishing of the instrument. Thus, I feel I'm good at something and can be of use for the others. 

Every guitar is different and carries its own "soul". A guitar can respond to one's touch  either with fine harmony, or with a devastating intrigue. Actually, it's possible that a whole palette of new or familiar feelings appears with the instrument. But everything is over when the music stops - it was just for the moment of inspiration.

For me it is important how other musicians regard their instruments. They are often their favourite objects and means for expressing themselves. 

* Painting by Velislava Gecheva