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Dissolution-Induced Surface Roughening in SrIrO3 and BaIrO3 for Enhanced OER Electrocatalysis in Acid
(Acquired in Thermo Fisher Titan G2)
(Captured in Thermo Fisher Titan G2; EELS with GIF Quantum965)
(Captured in Thermo Fisher Titan G2)

(Captured in Thermo Fisher Titan G2)

Perturbation of Oxygen Octahedra at an Atomic Level to Boost OER Activity in Perovskite Nickelates
(Captured in Thermo Fisher Titan G2)
(Captured in Thermo Fisher Titan G2)

(EELS with GIF Quantum965 in Thermo Fisher Titan G2)


(Captured in Thermo Fisher Titan Themis Z)

(DFT Calculations with CASTEP)

Thermally Unperturbed Cation Ordering in a Li Spinel Oxide: Impact of Locally Distinct Chemical Bonding
(Imaged in Zeiss LIBRA-200MC)
(DFT Calculations with CASTEP)

Grain Boundaries as Exceptionally Active Sites for Oxygen Electrocatalysis on Perovskite Oxides

(Captured in Thermo Fisher Titan G2)

(Captured in Thermo Fisher Titan G2)

Co Dissolution in Aqueous Electrolyte Solution and Unusual Tetrahedral-Site Occupation Stabilized by Li/Co Vacancies in LiCoO2
(Captured in Thermo Fisher Titan G2)
(Captured in Thermo Fisher Titan G2 and JEOL JEM-ARM200F)

(Acquired with GIF Quantum-965 in Titan G2) 
(Captured in Thermo Fisher Titan G2)
(DFT Calculations with CASTEP)

Control of Grain-Boundary Amorphous Phases for High Proton Conduction and Decomposition Tolerance in Perovskite BaCeO3 Polycrystals
(Captured in FEI Titan G2)

Space-Charge-Driven Dopant Segregation at Perovskite-Oxide Polycrystal Interfaces

(Captured in FEI Titan G2)

(Obtained in FEI Titan G2)

LaNiO3 Four-Leaf Clover by Oxygen Evolution Reaction
(Captured in FEI Titan G2)

Two-Dimensional Homologous Faults and Oxygen electrocatalysis in LaNiO3
 (Captured in FEI Titan G2) 
(DFT calcualtions with CASTEP)
(Captured in FEI Titan G2)

Nanoscale Gold Achieved by Reduced Anodization for Efficient CO2 Reduction
(Captured in Zeiss LIBRA-200MC)

High Proton Conduction via Clustering bewteen Acceptors and Oxygen Vacancies in Perovskite BaZrO3 and BaCeO3
(DFT calcualtions with CASTEP)
(Captured in JEOL-JEM 2100F) 

Subsurface Distribution of Antisite Defects in LiMnPO4 (Comparion with LiFePO4)
(Obtained in JEOL JEM-2100F)

First Direct Atomic-Resolution Evidence of Subsurface Space-Charge Segregation of Solutes in Oxides
Yakov (Jacob) I. Frenkel (Russia, 1894~1952)
(In 1946, Frenkel first postulated the presence of space-charge layers in the subsurface region in ionic crystals.) 

 Model material: Perovskite-type CaCu3Ti4O12 (or (Ca1/4Cu3/4)TiO3)
(Captured in FEI Titan G2)

(Obtained in FEI Titan G2)

(Captured in FEI Titan G2; STEM image simulation with QSTEM)

(DFT calculations with CASTEP)

Vacancy-Induced Local Distortion of Oxygen Octahedra in (Ni,Mn,Co)O Showing High Pseudocapacitance  
(DFT calculations with CASTEP)
Identification of Oxygen-Substituted Layers in Cu2ZnSnSe4 with High Power-Conversion Efficiency  
(Obtained in FEI Titan G2)

(Captured in JEOL JEM-2100F; STEM image simulations with QSTEM)

(DFT calculations with CASTEP)

Coherency Elastic Energy at Quadruple Junctions and Phase-Separation Behavior in LixFePO4
(First Atomic-Scale Observation Demonstrating the Quadruple-Junction Force Equilibrium!)

(Geometric phase analysis) 

(Captured in JEOL JEM-2100F)

(Captured in JEOL JEM-2100F)

Frenkel-Defect-Mediated Ordering Transformation in Li(Mn1.5Ni0.5)O4 Spinel
(Captured in FEI Titan G2)
(Fourier-filtered image captured in Zeiss LIBRA-200MC)

(DFT calculations with CASTEP)

Orientation-Dependent Subsurface Antisite Defects in LiFePO4
(Captured in JEOL JEM-2100F)

(DFT calculations with CASTEP)

Nucleation of Nanoscale Pits and Crystal Shrinkage in LiFePO4

Layer-by-Layer Crystal Growth at High Temperature in LiFePO4
(Captured in JEOL JEM-1300S; image simulation with MacTempas)

Layer-by-Layer Crystal Evaporation at High Temperature in LiFePO4
(Image simulations with JEMS)

Distinct Configurations of Antisite Defects between LiMnPO4 and LiFePO4
(DFT calculations with CASTEP; images captured in JEOL JEM-ARM200F)

Cation Intermixing during Crystal Growth at High Temperature in LiFePO4
(Atomic potentials extracted with CRISP)


3-D Visualization of Isolated Fe-Rich Phases without Percolation in LiFePO4 Matrix  
(Captured in JEOL JEM-2200F)

(Captured in JEOL JEM-2200F)

(Captured in JEOL JEM-2200F; 3D reconstruction with AMIRA)

Nanoprobe Measurement of High Electronic Conductance of Individual Nb-Doped LiFePO4 Nanocrystals 

Verification of Cations Doping in LiFePO4 Crystals  
(Captured in JEOL JEM-2100F, JEM-1300S)

Confirmation of Multiple Phase Transformation during Crystalization in Nb-Doped LiFePO4   

First Direct Observation Proving "Ostwald's Rule of Stages"

Wilhelm Ostwald (Germany, 1853~1932)
   Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1909) 

Distribution of defects Is Not Random; 1-D Array of Antisite Defects in LiFePO4

Probing of Dopant Site Selectivity in CaCu3Ti4O12
(Captured in JEOL JEM-2100F, EELS with Enfina)

Direct Visualization of Antisite Defects in LiFePO4
(First Atomic-Scale HAADF-STEM Images in Li-Intercalation Compounds)
(Captured in JEOL JEM-2100F)
(STEM image simulations)

Tunable I-V Characteristics by Donor Doping in CaCu3Ti4O12

Success in Commercialization of Doped LiFePO4, "NanoPhosphates" (developed in 2002), as New Cathode Materials in Li-Ion Batteries
Nanoscale Lattice Bending in CaCu3Ti4O12
(Captured in JEOL JEM-4010)

HREM Obervation & Correlation between I-V and High Permittivity in CaCu3Ti4O12
(Captured in JEOL JEM-3010)


Strong Nonlinear I-V Behavior in CaCu3Ti4O12

Verification of High Bulk Electronic Conductivity in Nb-Doped LiFePO4

Observation of Dislocations and Grain-Boundary Structures in Polycrystalline SrTiO3
(Captured in JEOL JEM-3010)


Electronically Conductive Olivine LiFePO4 Nanocryatals and High-Power Properties for Li-Ion Batteries

Control of Ionic Vacancies and Microstructure Evolution in SrTiO

Effect of Dislocations on Grain Growth in Polycrystalline SrTiO3

Core-Shell Structure Formation in SrTiO3 by Oxygen Partial Pressure Change