Fall League Schedules and Information

Grades:  2017-2018 School Year K - 12th.

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Please Read:  Teams will be created based on the information received by September 15th through our online registration.  On the first day we look for equity in the teams and will make adjustments if possible.  Also, some mixed teams may change after the first night as we review the first nights games.  

Schedule.   Will be posted on Friday, September 15th.  Walk-ups:  Upon entering the fields, go to the registration desk in front of the field entrance.  Players are to sign in only on their first game in order to receive their game pinnie.  The schedule for the rest of the league will be posted on the web site and teams will continue to use the team numbers listed on the schedule. 

Goalies:  We ask that before you leave from your game, that you check with one of the STAFF members to ensure that the following game has two goalies.  After your game is played, if we do not have two goalies on site ready to play the next game, please stay on for the next game (lacrosse is not as fun without goalies).  If you're a goalie, and you know you will miss a week, please inform us so that we can find a replacement in advanced - dgallucci@ath-edlacrosse.com. 

Parents:  Understand that this league is to 1) help your son improve as a lacrosse player, and 2) have fun.  Please cheer in a positive manner for your team, refrain from coaching your son from the spectator sideline, and please do not disclose your displeasure towards a call (or game management action) made by one of our experienced Ath-Ed officials.

Rules:  All rules will follow the spring rules for that age group with the following exception:
1) Body Checks with sole intent to "knock down" opponent:  Lacrosse is a physical sport and stick checks are allowed just as they would be in the spring.  Our officials have been instructed to call body checks that they deem to be "for sole purpose" of knocking an opponent down (1 minute illegal body check will be called).  Keep in mind our focus for this league is to improve ball movement and stick stills.


Camp Dawson League Schedules:
Map/GPS:  80 Jacksonville Road, Towaco, NJ 07082
Camp Dawson (Montville) Youth Schedule:  All Youth Players Sundays 5pm-6pm
Camp Dawson (Montville) High School Schedule:  Click Here

Mount Olive League Schedules:
Mount Olive Youth Clinic Schedule:  All Youth Players Sundays 9:30am-10:30am
Mount Olive High School Schedule:  Click Here