Client Reviews

“I have  been with Mark for 6 months now, when I met Mark, I was in a destructive cycle of drug abuse, depression and self-loathing. I had recently separated from my wife and was self-medicating on cocaine. I had lost all direction in life and didn’t see a reprieve from the depression and emptiness. I went to Mark expecting nothing but I can honestly say I have gained everything. Over the months, Mark has given me the tools and ability to re-direct my life and regain everything I had lost and more. Ironically it was all within my power but without Marks counselling and knowledge, I never would have found it. 
I am back with my wife, clean of drugs and for the first time in a long time optimistic of what the future holds. If anyone is reading this and unsure of seeing Mark, my advice to you would be, if something in your life is causing you distress, then speak to Mark at Ataraxia because through personal experience he helped me save my family and life”.  (D.K. Hoddesdon).

"I was a little nervous about going to see a therapist, but i needn't had been. Working with Mark has been a satisfying and rewarding experience. His warm and caring demeanour has enabled me to open up and honestly work through some difficult issues that were holding me back. Without his help i would not have been able to do this. I will always be thankful for Marks support through some difficult times" (D.M, Ware).

"Mark made me feel very comfortable from the moment I walked through his door for the first time. He is a very good therapist who I will and have recommended to many people. I feel completely at ease with Mark and he is helping my husband and I to communicate again. Really impressed". (L.M, Ware).

“After a second bout of depression I was advised to seek professional help in the realm of counselling. I was recommended to Mark, I have not looked back. Years of stress and not being able to find a way out had taken its toll. Three months on and I wish I had done it earlier. A man of great integrity with a school of life. I can now see light at the end of the tunnel and the trigger points that have helped me. I can’t recommend this professionial highly enough. It has been my light and way forward". (J.S. Broxbourne). 

“I started seeing Mark last April after what I refer to as my meltdown after everything just overwhelmed me. 
I have a wonderful life, job, beautiful wife and sons but it still didn’t stop it. I had no confidence, low self-esteem and serious trust issues. I didn’t know if it was depression, bipolar or what. After a few sessions with Mark it became apparent that I had built a fantastic image of my childhood which turned out to be my way of blocking the reality out. As we have journeyed over the months, thanks to Marks amazing understanding and sensitivity we have untangled a huge amount of my past. I am not saying I am totally recovered as it’s a long journey but I do have a much better understanding of myself now and realise I wasn’t the person I thought I was. I feel more confident and have higher self-esteem than before but I still do fall down every now and then. I would recommend Mark to anyone without hesitation. He is patient, understanding and has an amazing way of making you connect things you would never have imagined about yourself. I know I will be seeing Mark for a while yet as I know I still need to, but without his help I can’t imagine where I would be now".  (P.S. Stansted Abbotts). 

“I was recommended to Mark three months ago whilst in the midst of a situation I just couldn’t cope with. Mark has more than helped me, made me feel its okay to be me and counselled me through the devestation I felt and out the other side. 
Mark is very easy to talk to and I feel totally comfortable with opening up to him and he always makes sure I am okay when the session has ended. I would highly recommend Mark". (J.B. Hoddesdon).  

“Mark has been an absolutely invaluable help to me in helping to gain clarity and perspective in my life. 
He is kind, open minded and a trustworthy individual who helps you to gain deeper insight into your own issues and thought processes through a combination of techniques. He’s absolutely brilliant at what he does and I thoroughly recommend him to anyone thinking of taking the leap into therapy". (L.F. Harlow).