My name is JOHN COWENS, a.k.a. an "astrophile."  For the past thirty-five years I had the privilege of being a teacher in Indiana and Oregon.  Since age 7, I have been fascinated about astronomy and the incredible accomplishments of science and technology. Not only did I share exciting science discoveries with my students, but traveled to other school districts throughout Oregon for the purpose of conducting astronomy school assemblies. I am readily available to share exciting information and enthusiasm for astronomy, space education and other areas of science. 
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I'm starting my 20th year as the "Oregon Solar System Ambassador" hosted by NASA/JPL. This amazing program is public outreach and designed to work with motivated volunteers across the nation. My responsibility is to communicate the excitement of NASA's space exploration missions and information about recent discoveries to schools and public groups throughout Oregon, but have done presentations and star parties in Washington, California, and Indiana.
Click HERE to see my telescope.  Recently, I have been added to the Oregon State University's "Astronomer in Residence" program. I am available to answer your astronomy questions, link you to online resources, or visit your classroom or group to give presentations on a variety of astronomy topics.

Email:  snewocnhoj@gmail.com 

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