AFS Approach

What We Do

Our training focuses on human factors, as it relates to safety and management leadership improvement, delivering a “hands on” approach to these skills. We are a company dedicated to promote improving professional's skill sets in the workplace and daily life. These skill sets, in return, motivate safer behaviors in and outside the workplace.

Our Mission

We are about "Providing Risk Reduction Solutions". We do this through providing workshops designed to motivate, influence, encourage leadership consciousness and instill safety risk management concepts. Everything that is taught in Aspects For Safety's courses inspires individuals to make more meaningful decisions. When using all the available "tools" we offer, participants will realize that good communication, situational awareness and managing threats and risks need to become an everyday part of our lives! This results in an increase of the expertise and confidence and resources of your staff to better understand what they do, why they do it, why it is important and how they can improve lives of everyone they touch every day!

Your Return

Human Factors training analysis statistics show 80% of employees who attend this style training experience a POSITIVE CHANGE in behavior. This will result in an IMPROVEMENT in a clients’ "Safety Culture". Our training is your key to unlock the next step of improving your business and improving your bottom line, reputation, and quality of service while retaining your top employees and meeting all the regulatory demands that are thrust upon you. AFS offers a new or more clear and concise way of imparting concepts that are key to improving and helping you succeed in your mission for your organization.

The BENEFITS to our clients are:

  • Individual's errors and omissions that can lead to accidents, will DECREASE

  • IMPROVEMENT in your staff's confidence and expertise

  • A SAVINGS realized from less lost employee time or from decreased litigation

  • Insurance underwriters, when formulating premiums, may give a REDUCTION IN PREMIUMS due to recognizing the corporation promotes "the right thing to do" and resulting in an increased "safety awareness" within the company

Student Benefits

An employee that has been provided with AFS experiential training in increasing safety concepts will become more cognizant of potential incidents or accidents. AFS intends to build a client base of organizations who desire to take their safety consciousness to “the next higher level”! Any organization wishing to promote this concept will receive recognition for their professional dedication in achieving this worthy goal.

Using Case Studies

AFS utilizes multiple "Case Studies" from various occurrences to emphasize our "elements" of Human Factors. Below, you can explore just a few of the many studies we embrace in our interactive classes.

Turfway Park "Case Study"

The Turfway Park Race Track (originally named Latonia Race Track) located in Florence, Kentucky, experienced a costly human factor error which you will discover in this introductory "Case Study". The error resulted in financial loss and increased construction delays. These could have been prevented if only they had known where the "sun sets".

Click on the video below to explore this "Case Study".

Mistaken Diagnosis "Case Study"

A man came into the San Francisco General Hospital Emergency Ward on Halloween night after attending a costume party. He appeared quite inebriated. It was obvious to the staff he had a stab wound. The ER staff, upon examining the patient, could see the wound in the abdomen. Their plan was to make certain the bowel was not injured. Next, was to sew up the cut. No big deal everyone thought. Or was it? A fact not revealed to the staff was information that the cause of the wound was an altercation between their patient and a party-goer dressed in a WW II soldier costume!

Click on the video below to explore one of our Health Care "Case Studies".

Some of Our Clients' Comments

“The instructor was very effective, kept the class engaged and made it enjoyable, not boring”

“Class was very well thought out and used great examples. Everyone was kept involved”

“Excellent class. I really enjoyed the instructor”

“An excellent presentation. Very informative”

"The AFS Leadership Class was a great overall course"