Aspects For Safety, LLC

We provide Aviation, Health Care, and Work Place "Human Factors Training" with emphasis upon risk reduction solutions. Our objective is to enhance human performance skills within your team by providing classroom training with emphasis upon communication, decision making and leadership skills. This is accomplished through increasing participants' knowledge balanced with the interpersonal skills to bring this about. The result will be human performance behavioral modifications creating enhanced individual and corporate mindfulness.

Our Focus

Our Training Programs

AFS can provide three levels of training courses -

Initial Training Courses

Initial courses offer comprehensive training for employees involving the human factor's methodology. This training includes a history and an introduction to the elements that comprise human factors, i.e. teambuilding, communication, decision making, situational awareness, workload management and "threat and error" management.

Advanced Courses

Advanced courses emphasize concepts to develop personal improvement and professional performance goals, that ultimately create an engaged workforce.

Recurrent Annual Training

This training, which we recommend, builds upon the learning concepts from the initial classes. We utilize involvement of interactive case studies and advanced concepts thereby taking the training to a deeper level of understanding.

Interactive Classes

AFS specializes in promoting human performance through a "proactive approach" rather than "reactive approach" to improve safety awareness.

The ultimate return will render a more motivated, engaged workforce, increased professional consciousness, improved interpersonal skill sets, and an improved corporate bottom line.

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For additional information about this dynamic program, allow us to share with you, at your convenience, our syllabus. To obtain a more in-depth overview and fee structure information, please contact:

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Stephen Sturgil, CEO

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