This Freudenstein / General Motors Young Investigator Award was established in 1996 and is funded by the General Motors Corporation.

Recipients of the Freudenstein / General Motors Young Investigator Award:

2016:    Frederick Sun, and Jonathan B. Hopkins, “Mobility Analysis of Interconnected Hybrid Flexure Systems Using Screw Algebra and Graph Theory”

2015:    Dustyn Roberts, Joseph Quacinella, and Joo H. Kim,  "Degree-of-Freedom-Based Instantaneous Energetic Cost of Robotic Biped Gait with Benchmarking Implications"

2014:  (Prize is shared)

Winner 1 :
Alexander Wiens, and Amos G. Winter, V , “A Novel Pressure Compensating Valve for Low-Cost Drip Irrigation Systems”

Winner 2 :
Chin-Hsing Kuo, and Shao-Jung Lai, “Design of a Novel Statically Balanced Mechanism for Laparoscope Holders with Decoupled Positioning and Orientating Manipulation”

2013:   Paul M. Loschak, Kechao Xiao, Hao Pei, Samuel B. Kesner, Ajith J. Thomas, Conor J. Walsh, “Assured Safety Drill with Bi-Stable Bit Retraction Mechanism”

2012:   Xianwen Kong,  "Type Synthesis of Variable Degrees-of-Freedom Parallel Manipulators with Both Planar and 3T1R Operation Modes"

2011:  Shorya Awtar,  "An XYZ Parallel Kinematic Flexure Mechanism with Geometrically Decoupled Degrees of Freedom"

2010: Hai-Jun Su, "On Line Screw Systems and Their Application to Flexure Synthesis"

2009: Saeed Behzadipour,  "Tensionability of an Arbitrary Two-Link Multibody"

2007: Philip Voglewede,  "Novel design of a robotic gripper allowing for in-hand manipulation"

2005: Doug Laney and Dennis Hong  "Kinematic Analysis of a Novel Rimless Wheel with Independently Actuated Spokes"

2004: James P. Schmiedeler , "Dynamic Modeling of Quadrupedal Running Gaits Using a Simple Template with Asymmetrical Body Mass Distribution"

             Honorable Mention:
                Laxman Saggere, "Modeling and Design of an Optically Powered Microactuator for a Microfluidic Dispenser"

                Venkat Krovi, "Performance Evaluation of Cooperative Payload Transport by a System of Wheeled Mobile Manipulators"

2002:  Ryan P. Dziedzic, Mary I. Frecker, and Randy S. Haluck, "Topology Design of Multifunctional Compliant Mechanisms with Smart Material Actuation"

2000:  Just L. Herder and Hans de Visser, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

1998: Constantinos Mavroidis, Rutgers University

1996: D. Lees and Gregory Chirikjian, Johns Hopkins University