What I Am Doing Now

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I am reading...

'The concept of our great power' NHC VI,4.

Karlheinz Schüssler, ed. Das koptisch-sahidische Johannesevangelium sa 506 aus dem Jermias-Kloster von Sakkara. Arbeiten zur Biblia Coptica 1. Harrassowitz: Wiesbaden, 2014.

I am writing...

I have a book review on the above to write as well as an encyclopedia article on the Coptic Bible.   My two main goals for the coming year are (1) to finish my critical edition of the Sahidic Apocalypse and (2) to co-author a book chapter which reassesses the Coptic translation of of Plato's Republic 588a–589b in Nag Hammadi Codex VI,5.

My future plans...

I have just returned from teaching intensive Coptic in Germany, and am looking forward to a trip to Oxford in late May to work with students involved with the Green Scholars Initiative.   Over the next few months, I will be developing collaborative research initiatives on Coptic, Greek (LXX) and Syriac manuscripts.

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