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Digital Bibles

Searchable Sahidic Bible (Beta)  Matthias Schulz (Münster) and I are building a database which will eventually encompass  the entire known Sahidic biblical corpus and, hopefully, much more.  The database is envisioned as a tool for reconstruction the fragmentary remains of the White Monastery of Shenoute, and should be used with the Firefox addon or with the Chrome extension.

Coptic New Testament, lectionary and dictionary CD (All dialects, $25) I have found only very minor typographical errors in the Sahidic, but this is very reliable and based on the most current scholarly editions and the earliest continuous manuscripts.  Hany Takla, the editor has included some of the important minor versions of the NT as well as the Sahidic and Bohairic.

Marc Multilingue  Anne Boud'hours edited the Coptic witnesses to Mark, and they are freely available in PDF format.  The project also offers transcriptions of the Greek, Latin and Syriac witnesses, and eventually aims to includes several other versions.

A downloadableCoptic-Arabic New Testament (Bohairic, free)

Sahidic New Testament and Nag Hammadi, PHI CD #5.3 and 7 (free) For scholars only! The search engines for this database are expensive, but I have found that Diogenes works very well and is free. Email the Packhard Humanities Institute for more information.

Nova Sahidica parallel Coptic and Greek Text This includes downloadable and browser viewable versions of the Sahidic and Bohairic texts with Greek interlinear.

Sahidica on Accordance, BibleWorks and Logos This is a Unicode version of Warren Wells' online edition.  I hope that the editions will be updated (1) to include the Old Testament, (2) to diplomatically reproduce extant Coptic manuscripts, and (3) to include morphological tagging.

E-SwordSahidic New Testament (Free) This is the only resource now available which is in unicode.  Both this and the Logos product are based on the Sahidica.

Remenkimi – NT and OTin Bohairic and Sahidic This is the only place to get electronic versions of the OT. You have to download many fonts and they do not have all the texts.

 See also the editions of Horner available in the downloads section below.

Coptic Fonts and Keyboards

Crum's Dictionary David Instone Brewer's images of this standard work is searchable by Coptic letter.  Crum's edition is the standard in Coptic research. It has recently been republished by Wipf and Stock.  It is also viewable online here

Coptic Unicode 5.1 Keyboard Layout (Windows Version)(MacVersion) This is my humble attempt at creating a MS Word-friendly keyboard which accesses the new Coptic Unicode 5.1 characters.  Try it at your own risk : )  Template and setup directions are included in the download.  Mac users will need to place the file in their "Keyboard Layouts" folder which can be found in their "Library."  Look for the font choice under Corsican.  Layout PDF.

Antinoou Coptic Unicode Font The International Association of Coptic Studies has commissioned what is currently the only Unicode 5.1 Coptic font, Antinoou.  Antinoou is my default font for writing in English, French, German, Greek and Coptic.  Sometimes, the English looks ugly on the computer screen, but the texts looks wonderful when printed. This is the stable version of the beta-version, Keft.

IFAO Coptic Unicode Fonts

These are nice fonts, but they are not Unicode 5.1 so they do not have the conjoining strokes found in Keft (which is still in beta).

Coptic Unicode for Documentary Texts

If I had an extra €200 sitting around, I would definitely buy the Copte Scripte font.  The other fonts on the website look very nice.

Moheb Mekhaiel's Coptic Unicode Page

How to enter Coptic Unicode Donald Mastronarde of UC-Berkeley has created this one-stop-website where you can download a Coptic-friendly New Athena Unicode font and a digital keyboard.  I recommend my own keyboard (above) and the IACS font, Keft.

Coptic Standard Fonts These fonts have been developed with a universal keyboard so that any font will make sense even if read by another. I have made my own for palaeographic diacritics.  These are legacy fonts and should not be used for new projects. Coptic Fonts N.B., the password is  More legacy fonts!

Coptic Organizations and Websites

Yahoo- Remenkimi Thread Would you like to converse in Bohairic with some Orthodox Copts?

Forum of the Coptic Language

International Association of Coptic Studies Every four years, the association holds a conference.  The next conference will be in Rome during the Summer of 2012.

Grammar and Learning Coptic

Chris Reintges' Coptic Grammar  Ewa Zakrzewska endorsed this text as the best grammar during her keynote address on Coptic linguistics at the 2008 IACS Conference.  The other popular text is Layton's Coptic in 20 Lessons.

Lance Eccles' Resources Lance has created some wonderful surveys of grammatical forms and constructions helpful to the beginner and more advanced student.

Helmut Satzinger on Coptic Dialects and Old Coptic

Publications by Helmut Satzinger (.pdf)

Heike Behlmer's Coptic Dialects Bibliography

Peter Williams' Coptic Bible Bibliography

AKey to the Exercises in Lambdin’s Coptic Grammar

Youtube Coptic for Kids Slideshow My daughters loved this.


Sahidica Dictionary (Lexicon)

Crum's Dictionary via Tyndale House


Amélineau, Histoiredes monastères de la Basse-Égypte (Paris, 1894).

Budge, The Earliest Known Coptic Psalter  (London, 1898).

Budge, Coptic Biblical Texts in the Dialect of Upper Egypt (London, 1912).

Budge, Coptic Apocrypha in the Dialect of Upper Egypt (London, 1913).

Budge, Miscellaneous Coptic texts in thedialect of Upper Egypt (London, 1915).

Budge, Coptic Homilies in the Dialect ofUpper Egypt (London, 1910).

Budge, Coptic Martyrdoms, vol. 1 (1914).

Budge, Coptic Martyrdoms, vol. 2 (1914). 

Bsciai, Liber Baruch Prophetae (1870).

Ciasca, Sacrorum Bibliorumfragmenta (Rome, 1885-1904).

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Robinson, Coptic Apocryphal Gospels (Cambridge, 1896).

Rösch, Bruchstückedes ersten Clemensbriefes (Achm. 1 Clement, James, John) (Straßburg, 1910).

Schiller, Ten Coptic Legal Texts (NewYork, 1932).

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Tattam, The Ancient Coptic Version of Job the Just (1846).

Tattam, Prophetae Majores (Bohairic) (1852).

Tattam, Duodecim Prophetarum Minorum Libros (1836). 

Tattam, Epistolae Novi Testamenti Copticae (1852).

Thompson, A Coptic Palimpsest Containing Joshua, Judges, Ruth, Judith and Esther in the Sahidic Dialect (London, 1911).

Thompson, The [Lycopolitan] Gospel of St. John (London, 1924).

Thompson, The Coptic (Sahidic) version of certain Books of the Old Testament (Oxford, 1908).

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Pierre Cherix has an extensive list of further downloads, here.

Tito Orlandi has made most of his published articles available, here.

More can be found in the ETANA database, here.


Lycopolitan Acta Pauli (published by C. Schmidt, 1904)

Achmimic Exodus, Luke, Hermas (Leuven, same codex?)

Nag Hammadi Codices Images from Claremont Library

UPenn Sahidic John article and images, Sahidic Psalter on paper, and much more.

Other Databases

The Duke Papyrus Archive: Coptic

Banque de données des textes coptes documentaires This online database of all Coptic documentary texts is searchable in French.CMCL (Corpus of Coptic Literary Manuscripts) This is Tito Orlandi's database of Coptic Literary texts. The subscription costs 180 Euro.

Marcion Coptic Gnostic Texts  This search software is a must-have if you are working with the Nag Hammadi Corpus.  Watch out for the Coptic OT texts, though, which I think are transmogrifications from the Bohairic.

Coptic Scriptorium  This tagged-database will eventually include a variety of Coptic texts, and will hopefully be a ground-breaking tool for Coptic linguistics.

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