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I am an Associate Professor at the University of Extremadura (UEx) and member of its Estadística Matemática Extremadura (EME) research group. Mathematical Statistics is the area of my expertise and I currently teach Statistics courses to undergraduate and Master's students of the Escuela Politécnica in the beautiful city of Cáceres, Spain. My research mainly focuses on aspects of Distribution Theory and Directional Statistics. Related to the latter, I am one of the authors of the book Circular Statistics in R published in September 2013 and recently organised the Advances in Directional Statistics (ADISTA17) workshop with Christophe Ley (Ghent University, Belgium), Giovanna Jona-Lasinio (Sapienza University, Italy) and Francesco Lagona (Roma 3 University, Italy).  In recent years I have been extremely fortunate to have been able to carry out joint research work with Toshihiro Abe (Nanzan University, Japan)Chris Jones (OU, UK), Shogo Kato (ISM, Japan) and Kunio Shimizu (ISM, Japan)
I studied Mathematics as an undegraduate student of Hull University and Statistics for my Master's degree at Newcastle University. My PhD was awarded by the Open University.

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