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This website is a learning tool exclusively for the Bodine community. Designed & maintained by Ms. Fitzpatrick, Bodine Visual Arts teacher, this website is private and not open to the public. 

What we do. 
All art classes introduce students to concepts linked to contemporary or historical art forms. In each class, a wide variety of techniques will be covered. Techniques are taught and students practice them. Students gain skills before being asked to produce a finished product. Home assignments involve reading/watching something informative to assist in work you'll do in class. Students plan ideas and make their finished products. In each lesson, students spend time writing about art and learning from each other. Lesson routines are based on a 5 step creative process. Using this process, every student has the opportunity to do well in art classes at Bodine!

This site features artwork by Bodine students. It is located on the coursework pages at the top of the navigation bar.

Making Aesthetic Objects,

Steps for success:

Know your goals.

Research what’s been done already.

Practice techniques to gain skill; learning by trial & error.

Consider how to meet objectives while creating something with meaning.

Plan via sketching & writing.

Maintain your work area.

Make your product, evaluating as you go.

Reflect on what you learned.

Contact Ms. Fitzpatrick: mfitzpatrick@philasd.org

How you're graded:
A (90-100) = exceeds expectations
B (80-89) = meets expectations
C (70-79) = has not met some of the expectations
D (65-69) = has not met most of the objectives
F (<65) = has not met the objectives
Marita Fitzpatrick,
Oct 26, 2014, 3:41 PM