I am a theoretical physicist working on quantum mechanics, statistical physics and also on several inter-disciplinary topics. This page discusses details of my research and provides relevant literature.

I work as a research scientist at Yerevan Physics Institute. This is one of the oldest and perhaps most known research institutes in Armenia. 

I can be contacted by e-mail: 
armen POINT allahverdyan AT gmail POINT com

My postal address: Department of Theoretical Physics, Yerevan Physics Institute, 2 Alikhanian Brothers street, 376035, Yerevan, Armenia.

The picture shows me and my two daughters: Anahit and Mariam. 


-- We continue the effort of understanding the quantum measurement problem: the  Achilles' heel of quantum theory. Now we have a clean description for the emergence of sub-ensembles and single events. The research is published in Annals of Physics 376, 324-352, 2017. Here is the free (arXiv) version. 

-- We developed a theory for vortex cooling, the notorious and somewhat controversial Ranque effect. It was published in Physical Review Fluids; here is the preprint and a short description. 

-- My first paper on classical electrodynamics (never thought I will work on this subject) addresses a problem that seems to me fundamental: how to define the energy for a particle in an electromagnetic field; see here for a free version of the paper. It is the gauge-invariance that makes definitions of energy non-unique. Hence new principles are needed for the proper definition. One outcome of this research is that singles out the Lorenz gauge as more physical compared to others. Another outcome is that the definition of energy requires a new form of the energy-momentum tensor of the electromagnetic field. 

-- Our research on adaptive heat engines appeared in Physical Review Letters [PRL, 117, 030601 (2016)], and got selected as PRL Editors' Suggestion. Here is the pre-print of this manuscript and here is its short description. 

-- We found a relation between the dark energy (cosmological constant) and  the thermodynamic arrow of time. It is published as Physical Review E 93, 052125 (2016); see here for a free version. This paper was rather difficult to publish, we were initially rejected, had to appeal etc. The research is described by scientific press: here and also here. Also, see a report on youtube.

-- Our research on phonemes appeared in PLOS ONE. Please see  here for details. 

-- Our paper on functioning of hemoglobin was published in Scientific Reports. Please see here for a summary.

-- My paper on non-additive, imprecise probabilities in quantum mechanics appeared in New Journal of Physics. Its main point is given here

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