New Gymnast Info



Are you and your family new to gymnastics? We have some links and pages that may help you understand what is required with each routine and how scoring works at meets.

KEEP SCROLLING! There is also information on what to bring and what to expect at your gymnast's meet - all info pulled from the Tiger's Parent Handbook...

We are working to get a copy of our own of routines and requirements, but until then, this website has PDF's for Boys Routines (Levels 3-7) on Floor, Pummel Horse or Mushroom, Still Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars and High Bars:



Preparing for competition is essential for success on the competition floor. Gymnasts are expected to be at all practices the week leading up to a competition. If a gymnast misses practice then coaches will discuss the gymnast eligibility to compete in the competition based on their skill readiness and the ability to perform the routines safely. Subsequently, the meet fees associated with that competition will be forfeited. The meet season runs from October through April. 

Competition Attire: Below are the apparel items for team participants (levels 4 and above). Full details, including prices, are listed in the ATPA handbook.

Ø  Unitard and Competition Shorts and Pants

Ø  Tiger Socks

Ø  Warm-up jacket & Pants

Ø  Team gym bag


Below are the apparel items needed for the Cubs:

Ø  Compression Shirt and Shorts

Parents & Gymnasts Checklists for competitions:

1.     Parents Checklist:

·      Know the necessary meet information (start times, location, phone numbers, and directions).

·      Arrive 15 minutes prior to the open stretch time.

·      Gymnasts will remain with their coaches for the entire competition. After awards, coaches will close the competition with the gymnasts and dismiss them to their parents.

·      Please follow the USAG Rules & Policies regarding audience/spectator regulations:

§  Spectators are NOT allowed to enter the "field of play" competitive area. They must use only the area designated for the public.

§  Spectators are not allowed to use flash photography during the pre-meet warm-ups or competitions, as this may endanger the performing athletes.

§  Spectators shall not disturb the order of the meet, its competitors and its officials. Individuals causing violations shall be asked to leave the competition site.

§  The spectators shall not carry food or drinks into the spectators' area unless allowed by the host team.

§  Children should not be on the floor unless they are competing or performing a specific duty, such as a "runner".

·      Failure to follow the USAG Rules & Policies can impact the reputation of our gym, our team, our coaches and our gymnasts. Below are a few important reminders regarding the “field of play” during competitions:

§  Once the child enters into the competitive area, they must remain with their coach until they are released to the parents. If you need to talk with your athlete during competition, you should gain the attention of your athlete’s coach without entering the competitive area.

§  In the event of an injury to a child, the coach will summon the parent to the competition area if necessary.


2.     Gymnasts Checklist:

·      Gymnasts should:

§  present themselves by wearing proper attire (warm-up jacket & pants, uniform unitard, shorts and competition pants) to the competition.

§  be well groomed in appearance

§  include workout supplies in their gym bag – grips, athletic tape, etc.

§  include a healthy snack & bottle of water in their gym bag.

§  locate their coaches as soon as they arrive and check–in at the registration table.

§  not leave the competition area without the coaches’ permission.

§  strive to maintain a positive and supportive attitude throughout the competition.

§  turn off their cell phone when entering the competition area. Please note: the USA Gymnastics rule that cell phone use is prohibited by gymnasts during the competition (including texting).