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The Tigers had an amazing weekend at Nationals! All three finished in the TOP 10.

Tiger Will T. earned FIRST place for Level 8 Juniors at the 2022 Men's Dev Program East Championships in Michigan today!!

There are over 100 athletes competing. This is the Tigers' first time competing in Nationals and four gymnasts earned a spot! Will is THE FIRST Tiger to earn a first place all award award there.

We could not be prouder. Amazing job Will! You are a gymnastics rock star!

Jairo H., our senior Level 9, finished 8th overall!

Max E., our Level 7, finished 10th around and earned 3rd on vault!

We thank our coaches, and of course our families, for their knowledge and support. Tigers making history!!


ARLINGTON TIGERS COME OUT ROARING @ 2022 Region 7 Championships

in West Point NY - Apr 7-10

Thank you to our amazing coaches and our supportive families.

Platinum Club (13+)

Misha R. – 2nd Rings

LEVEL 4D2 - TEAM 1st

Level 4D2 (10-11)

Reagan L.

Level 4D2 (12+)

Charles M. – 2nd AA, 1st Vault, 1st HBar, 2nd Pbar, 3rd Floor

Kris M. – 3rd AA, 2nd Pommel, 2nd HBar Level

LEVEL 4D1 - TEAM 1st

4D1 (7-11)


Level 4D1 (12+)

Diego F. – 2nd AA, 1st Vault, 2nd Rings, 3rd HBar

Jack B. – 1st PBars, 3rd Floor

Nicholas B. – 2nd Pommel

Dante J.

Calisto L.N.

LEVEL 5D2 – TEAM 1st

Level 5D2 (8-12)

Hirad H. – 3rd Floor

Level 5D2 (13+)

Rocco G. – 1st AA, 1st Floor, 1st HBar, 2nd Pommel

Jack E. – 2nd AA, 1st Pommel, 1st PBars, 3rd Vault

Elijah G. – 3rd AA, 2nd Floor, 3rd Pommel, 3rd HBar

Jackson R. – 2nd PBars, 3rd Floor

Level 5D1 (8-12)

Grey G. – STATE TEAM - 3rd AA, 1st PBars, 2nd HBar, 3rd Vault

Level 6D2 (11+)

Evan V. – USAG Academic All- American Recognition Award, 1st AA, 1st Pommel, 1st Rings, 1st Vault, 2nd PBars, 2nd HBar, 3rd Floor

Mark B. – 2nd AA, 2nd Floor, 2nd Pommel, 3rd PBars

Aydin G. – 1st HBar, 2nd Rings

Level 7 (14+)

Max E. - 3rd HBar

Qualified for Nationals!

Level 8 (14+)

William T. - 2nd AA, 2nd Rings, 2nd Vault, 2nd HBar

Qualified for Nationals!

Level 9

Jairo H.

Qualified for Nationals!

Level 10

Christopher N.

Qualified for Nationals!

2022 Region 7 State Team Championships

Level 4

Alan G.

Level 5

Grey G. – 3rd AA, 1st Pbar, 2nd HBar, 3rd Vault



The Arlington Tigers had a phenomenal Virginia Men's State Championship Meet. We are so proud of all our gymnasts and so grateful to our amazing coaches.


Level 4D1 Sr-A – 2nd AA

Level 4D1 Sr-B – 1st & 2nd AA

Level 5D1 Sr-A – 1st AA

Level 5D2 Jr – 2nd AA

Level 5D2 Sr-A – 3rd AA

Level 5D2 Sr-B – 2nd AA

Level 5D2 Sr-B—1st Vault

Level 6D2 Sr – 1st AA

Level 7 – 1st Floor

Level 8 Sr-B – 1st AA

Level 9 Sr-B – 1st AA

Level 10 Sr-A – 2nd AA

Level 4D1 – 1st TEAM

Level 5D2 – 2nd TEAM

Level 6D2 – 2nd TEAM

LET'S GO TIGERS! These young men are having a great season so far!!

Survivor Meet 2021 - TEAM - 3D1 2nd, 4D1 1st, 4D2 1st, 5D2 1st, 6D2 1st, 7 2nd, Silver 1st


1st AA in Levels 4D1 SrA, 4D1 SrB, 4D2 Sr, 5D2, 6D2, 7 JrB, 9, Gold, Silver

2nd AA in Levels 3D1, 4D2 Sr, 5D1, 5D2, 7 JrB, 8, Silver

3rd AA in Levels 3D1, 4D2 Sr

Dave Brown Memorial Meet 2022 - TEAM - 3D1 2nd


1st AA in Levels 4D1 SrA, 5D2 SrA, 8 Sr, 10 Sr

2nd AA in Levels 3D1 JrA, 3D2 JrB, 4D1 SrA, 4D2 SrB, 5D2 SrA, 6D2 Jr, 6D2 Sr, 7 SrB, 9

3rd AA in Levels 4D2 SrA, 5D1 Jr, 5D2 SrA, 5D2 Jr, 7 SrB

2022 Navy Gymnastics Challenge - TEAM -


1st AA in Levels 4D1 Old, 4D2 Old, 5D1 Y, 5D2 Y, 5D2 Old, 6D2 Mid

2nd AA in Levels 4D1 Mid, 6D2 Mid

3rd AA in Levels 4D1 Mid, 4D1 Old, 5D2 Mid

2022 Brian Babcock Invitational - TEAM - 4D1 1st, 5D2 1st


1st AA in Levels 4D1 12+, 5D2 12+

2nd AA in Levels 4D1 12+, 4D2 12+, 5D2 12+, 6D2, 7, 8

3rd AA in Levels 4D1 12+, 4D2 11, 5D2 12+, 6D2, 7


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