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Tempus Fugit Activity

SUmmer Solstice

20 - 22 June

Any band, any time.

M0XLT Gargrave, N. Yorkshire

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Who we are

The Aries ARC is an amateur radio club with a difference. Our aim is to bring interesting and innovative activities into the hobby, including topics such as archaeology, history and many others.

Many activities are undertaken in collaboration with the Phoenix Amateur Radio Club (MX0PHX).

Where we are

Aries ARC operates in 'Yoredale' which encompasses the south-western portion of the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

About Aries ARC

The Aries ARC was formerly known as the Youth Hostels ARG which was formed in 2013 by a small group of people who were active hostellers.

YHARG evolved into a much more innovative programme of activities, going far beyond the original aims, and now encompasses all sorts of amateur radio activities that are of interest to us. We continue to use and support (but do not represent) hostelling organisations, including Independent Hostels UK, Hostelling International, YHA England & Wales and the Scottish YHA.

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