Arielle Borovsky

My brain!
I am an Assistant Professor in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences at Purdue University, where I study language learning and development using behavioral, electrophysiological and eye tracking techniques. 
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  • Undergraduate students who are interested in gaining research experience in my lab can apply here.

I am broadly interested in how we learn skills for everyday communication, such as the ability to learn words and understand sentences.  Links to my recent publications and CV can be found above.   Some recent research questions have included:
  • How does knowledge and experience affect the way we understand and learn language?
  • How does semantic structure in toddlers' vocabulary knowledge interact with language processing and word learning? 
  • How do children use their growing understanding of the world to understand words and sentences? 
  • How do we use sentence contexts to learn words?
  • How do our brains rapidly learn word meanings?

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