Student Life Team

Student Leaders:

Faculty Advisors:

  • Ms. Attridge -
  • Mr. Vaughan -

Club Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Student Life team is to cultivate ideas and encourage the pursuit of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty, in order to promote a rich culture of friendship within the student body. To achieve this purpose, the team organizes numerous student life nights under the guidance of the Deans. Students join together to participate in fun and engaging activities that require teamwork. Speakers, typically teachers or high school students, will speak about their experiences and topics stemming from their pursuit of Truth, Goodness and Beauty. Small group discussions follow the speaker(s) and provide for meaningful reflection of the message. For middle school, student mentors and seniors facilitate small group discussions.

Meeting Location and Time:

  • TBD

Important Events:

  • High School Student Life Nights
  • Middle School Student Life Nights

Club Dues:

  • $0