Mentor Program

Club Mission Statement:

The mentor program is designed to develop and support the culture of Arete Preparatory Academy. Returning students in grades 9-12 complete a rigorous application process in the spring and those who are selected are chosen based on their ability to be excellent representatives of the school's values. Mentors run New Student Orientation and are paired with incoming new students. The mentors meet with their "mentees" weekly and help them to acclimate to the school. Mentors are considered leaders of the school and serve as role models in their peer groups.

Meeting Location and Time:

  • Advisor Group Meeting - Varied Times and Rooms (ask your advisors)
  • Mentee Meeting - Thursdays - 7:45 - 8:10 AM - Varied Rooms (ask your advisors)

Important Events:

  • Summer Lock In - July 26-27
  • Open House - Saturday, August 4
  • New Student Orientation - Monday, August 6
  • Off-Campus Mentor Camp - August 23-24

Club Dues:

  • $150 for the year