Guitar Lessons

Faculty Advisor:

  • Dr. Savic -

Club Mission Statement:

This guitar class will be used as a form of music exploratory, in which the students are able to explore and learn about different aspects of music and other performing arts. By learning to play the guitar, students will get a better grasp on how music theory, history, instrumentation, and vocal music are important to our culture and to our lives.

Club Objectives:

  • The Guitar Club provides basic instruction in the essential elements of guitar playing in a format that is accessible to all students.
  • A prerequisite knowledge of music or guitar technique is NOT required.
  • The beginning Guitar Course is designed to teach the basic styles. The the class, students will learn the basic chords, strums, and several finger-picking patterns.

Guitar Club Materials:

  • Acoustic guitar, either nylon or steel string
  • A medium pick
  • A foot support is recommended for practice at home
  • Pencil and notebook
  • Hal Leonard: Classical Guitar Technique Vol. 1 - Copies will be provided
  • An extra set of strings
  • Other supplementary materials will be copied for students as needed

Meeting Location and Time:

  • Room 110
  • Wednesday and Thursdays 7:30-8:15am

Important Events:

  • Performance at Fine Arts Concert -- Once Per Semester

Club Dues:

  • $100 per year