Dear Colleagues,

Due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances, our colleagues from Ulster University have informed us that ICAT 2017 is to be postponed. 

I am pleased to inform you that the revised dates for ICAT 2018 have been confirmed by the host Ulster University .

14th June 2018 Thursday Student Day
15th June 2018 Conference
16th June 2018 Belfast City Tour

All submitted papers will go forward 

ICAT Board.

The purpose of the Congress is to contribute to the progression of research within the discipline of Architectural Technology worldwide and to publish the results for the benefit of society.

The Congress and the research it initiates and disseminates must be independent of political, 
economic and ideological interests as well as dominating influence from organisations, institutions etc.

It is the firm belief of the Congress board that true development on behalf of society is a result of 
free debate and presentation of different views and perspectives.

As a means to encourage research and scholarship within the field of Architectural Technology, 
the Congress facilitates regular conferences and secures publishing of the conference proceedings.