Summer Course Content

ArabBSD Course Content for Developers Qualification

v  C Programming Language Concepts. 

v  C for Operating System Programming.

v  FreeBSD File Hierachy

v  FreeBSD Administration

§  UNIX Basics.

§  FreeBSD Installation.

§  X Window System.

§  Samba.

§  MPD5 (Multi-link PPP daemon).

§  NAT.

§  PDC (Primary Domain Controller).

§  Nagios.

§  Sendmail

§  Postfix (Mail Transport Agent ).

v  FreeBSD development will be concerned with

§  Kernel Compilation and Installation.

§  Kernel Customization,

§  Kernel Drivers, Subsystems and Modules,

§  MAC Framework

§  Kernel Code Analysis.

§  Kernel Debugging.