What is ArabBSD?!

    ArabBSD is a project which aims to increase the awareness of operating system development and help Arab operating system developers in BSD environment starting from the analysis of FreeBSD operating system infrastructure, formulating block diagram and calling for research groups in each track.

  The need for working in stable track has become a desire for many programmers. The comprehension of the operating system programming attracts programmer's attention and leads him to highly classify it.

  Also, OS programming requires intelligence for applying constraints from software to hardware and providing compatibility between different peripherals and processors and this make a competition for those who like challenges. So, ArabBSD is concerned with all Arab-related development issues in the BSD environment. It focuses on providing the FreeBSD documentation in Arabic. Also, all Arab related ports, source code commits and tutorials will be collected within the project source tree.

  ArabBSD team has finished the translation of about 5 chapters of the FreeBSD handbook and asking for a branch in the FreeBSD documentation page will be the next step. Many FreeBSD developers support the project and Warner Losh – FreeBSD Core Team Member- is a consultant for advising and supervising the project.

  In addition, free summer course offered to whom interesting in FreeBSD development. This course focused on C Programming, FreeBSD Administration and FreeBSD Development. After the completion of the course, current progress is targeting the website in Arabic and simple FreeBSD Arabic tutorials. FreeBSD Administration subjects discussed UNIX Basics, FreeBSD Installation, X Window System,Security Management and FreeBSD Jails. FreeBSD development will be concerned with kernel compilation and installation, kernel customization, kernel drivers, subsystems and modules, MAC Framework and kernel code analysis.

  This course has very good feedback and obviously FreeBSD has a great value here in the Arab World. The course lecture materials are uploaded to the website for general use. These materials can be considered as introductory course to who interesting in FreeBSD systems.

  ArabBSD will include several tracks for Filesystem-BSD, Embedded-BSD, Cloud-BSD, Security-BSD, DataBase-BSD with experts to work in each track. The idea of the project is to analyze the FreeBSD source code and produce block diagram for the FreeBSD source code and then go from this point to call for research groups in each block diagram to improve with respect to other blocks by the aid of maintainers.

  Now, ArabBSD team has more than 80 members who are interesting in FreeBSD development and we are working for more growth. ArabBSD will increase the base of BSD systems users and developers and direct Arab operating systems developers to such environment which can provide what many others can't.

  Finally, anyone who is interesting in operating systems and their news can contact us through the website , facebook group or Google mailing list. Members will keep up with operating systems issues for both administration and development including mastering all types of programming.