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4th Grade

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Mrs. MacClaey's email address is:  memaclaey@aps.k12.co.us
4th Grade Technology Skills

Computer Operations, Electronic Tools, Terminology
  • Vocabulary: network, Ethernet, search engine, shortcut, scroll bars, minimize, maximize, resize, alignment,format, columns, rows, cells
  • Introduce use of cameras and digital cameras
  • Multi-task between programs
  • Navigate to save and open files on a server
  • Mouse skills: right click functions drag and drop, highlight and move text
  • Introduce two-handed typing with home row awareness
  • Know tab key and internal punctuation keys
A Responsible Digital Citizen
  • Copyright for digital resources
  • Know and use proper citation of websites
  • Know and use district Acceptable Use Policy
  • Use guidelines for on-line safety
Knowledge Constructor
  • Select a research topic and develop a research question
  • Plan research steps, skim and scan for info from at least 2 sources
  • Divide research information into appropriate paragraph structure
  • Use table of contents, chapter, titles, charts, diagrams, maps, headings to locate information
  • Take notes using two column format
  • Select topic to research, create a research question, plan research steps and scan for information from at least two sources
  • Arrange information is a meaningful format
  • Report to others
  • Select electronic content from a range of choices for a specific purpose
Evaluation of Information
  • Select electronic content from a range or sources for a specific purpose
  • Begin to evaluate the accuracy, relevance, and appropriateness of information sources
Quality Producer
  • Present information in an organized format of choice (story, graph, chart, picture, multimedia)
  • Orally present information to a group
Word Processing
  • Create a word processing document.
  • Understand formatting (i.e. line spacing, paragraphs, fonts and sizes)
  • Use spell check function and proofread to correct errors
  • Use Spell Check function
  • At the keyboard, proofread and correct errors – using spell check, thesaurus
  • Understand and use appropriate cell identification (i.e. cell B5)
  • Collect data of 4 or more items and record in a spreadsheet using Excel or other software
  • Convert data from a spreadsheet into a bar graph or pie chart
  • Interpret data from a spreadsheet
  • Use a spreadsheet to perform calculations (i.e. sum, total, difference)
  • Create a rubric chart
  • Create tab delimited spreadsheets
Presentation Tools
  • Create a multimedia presentation (using PowerPoint or other appropriate software), that contains a minimum of 4 slides including text, transitions, animations and graphics, interactivity and links to outside resources
Evaluation of Process and Product
  • Create and use rubrics to evaluate self and peers using specific criteria
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