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TitleAuthorsVenue (DOI)TopicYearWebpage
The exception handling riddle: An empirical study on the Android API Maria Kechagia, Marios Fragkoulis, Panos Louridas, Diomidis Spinellis Journal of Systems and Software Study 2018  
MULAPI: Improving API method recommendation with API usage location Congying Xu, Xiaobing Sun, Bin Li, Xintong Lu, Hongjing Guo Journal of Systems and Software Tool 2018  
Design annotations to improve API discoverability A. L. Santos, B. A. Myers Journal of Systems and Software Tool 2017  
Improving API Usability Brad A. Myers and Jeffrey Stylos CACM Other 2016 pdf 
Evaluating the Evaluations of Code Recommender Systems: A Reality Check Sebastian Proksch, Sven Amann, Sarah Nadi, Mira Mezini ASE Study 2016  
Stepwise API usage assistance using n-gram language models A. L. Santos, G. Prendi, H. Sousa, R. Ribeiro Journal of Systems and Software Tool 2016  
Learning API Usages from Bytecode: A Statistical Approach Tam The Nguyen, Hung Viet Pham, Phong Minh Vu, Tung Thanh Nguyen ICSE Tool 2016  
API Design Reviews at Scale Andrew Macvean, Martin Maly, & John Daughtry CHI Study 2016 Research at Google 
Usability of Educational Technology APIs: Findings and Guidelines Evangelos Kapros and Neil Peirce HCI International Conference Study 2015  
An empirical investigation of code completion usage by professional software developers Mariana Marasoiu, Luke Church, Alan Blackwell PPIG Study 2015  
Automated measurement of API usability: The API Concepts Framework Scheller, T. and Kuhn, E. Information and Software Technology Tool 2015 API Concepts Framework Website 
Intelligent Code Completion with Bayesian Networks Sebastian Proksch, Johannes Lerch, Mira Mezini TOSEM Tool 2015  
Swift language API Design Guidelines Apple html Other 2015 html 
Exploring API method parameter recommendations Asaduzzaman, M., Roy, C.K. ; Monir, S. ; Schneider, K.A.  Study 2015 DOI: 10.1109/ICSM.2015.7332473 
Code Completion with Statistical Language Models Veselin Raychev, Martin Vechev, Eran Yahav PLDI Tool 2014  
Charting the API minefield using software telemetry data Kechagia, M., Mitropoulos, D., Spinellis, D. Empirical Software Engineering Study 2014  
Some structural measures of API usability G. Rama, A. Kak SPE Study 2013  
An empirical study of API usability M. Piccioni, C. Furia, B. Meyer ESEM Study 2013  
Usability evaluation of configuration-based API design concepts T. Scheller, E. Kühn HFCI Study 2013  
Asking and answering questions about unfamiliar APIs: an exploratory study E. Duala-Ekoko, M. Robillard ICSE Study 2012  
Methods towards API usability: a structural analysis of usability problem categories T. Grill, O. Polacek, M. Tscheligi HCSE Study 2012  
Web API Design - Crafting Interfaces that Developers Love B. Mulloy Apigee Design 2012 eBook 
Influencing factors on the usability of API classes and methods T. Scheller, E. Kuhn ECBS Design 2012  
Active code completion C. Omar, Y. Yoon, T. LaToza, B. Myers ICSE Tool 2012 project page 
Measurable concepts for the usability of software components T. Scheller, E. Kuhn  SEAA Design 2011  
Using structure-based recommendations to facilitate discoverability in APIs E. Duala-Ekoko, M. Robillard ECOOP Tool 2011 project page 
Useful, but usable? Factors Affecting the Usability of APIs Minhaz F. Zibran, Farjana Z. Eishita, and Chanchal K. Roy Proceedings of the 18th IEEE Working Conference on Reverse Engineering (WCRE 2011) Study 2011 pdf 
Calcite: completing code completion for constructors using crowds M. Mooty, A. Faulring, J. Stylos, B. Myers VL/HCC Tool 2010 project page 
API peer reviews: a method for evaluating usability of application programming interfaces Farooq, U., Zirkler, D. Proc. of CSCW 2010, pp. 207–210. ACM, New York (2010) Study 2010  
API usability peer reviews: a method for evaluating the usability of application programming interfaces U. Farooq, L. Welicki, D. Zirkler CHI Study 2010  
Two studies of opportunistic programming: interleaving web foraging, learning, and writing code J. Brandt, P. Guo, J. Lewenstein, M. Dontcheva, S. Klemmer CHI Study 2009  
Learning from examples to improve code completion systems M. Bruch, M. Monperrus, M. Mezini ESEC/FSE Tool 2009  
API usability: CHI'2009 special interest group meeting J. Daughtry, U. Farooq, J. Stylos, J., B. Myers CHI Other 2009  
Improving API documentation usability with knowledge pushing U. Dekel, J. Herbsleb ICSE Tool 2009 project page 
MAPO: mining and recommending API usage patterns H. Zhong, T. Xie, L. Zhang, J. Pei, H. Mei ECOOP Tool 2009  
Improving API documentation using API usage information J. Stylos, A. Faulring, Z. Yang, B. Myers VL/HCC Tool 2009 project page 
What makes APIs hard to learn? answers from developers M. Robillard IEEE Software Study 2009  
Improving software API usability through text analysis: A case study R. Watson IPCC Study 2009  
Improving Documentation for eSOA APIs through User Studies. Jeong, S.Y., Xie, Y., Beaton, J., Myers, B.A., Stylos, J., Ehret, R., Karstens, J., Efeoglu, A., Busse, D.K.:  In: Pipek, V., Rosson, M.B., de Ruyter, B., Wulf, V. (eds.) IS-EUD 2009. LNCS, vol. 5435, pp. 86–105. Springer, Heidelberg (2009) Study 2009  
Effective Java (2nd edition) J. Bloch publisher Design 2008 Google books 
Usability challenges for enterprise service-oriented architecture APIs J. Beaton, S. Jeong, Y. Xie, J. Stylos, B. Myers VL/HCC Study 2008  
How Program History Can Improve Code Completion Romain Robbes, Michele Lanza ASE Tool 2008  
A case study of API redesign for improved usability J. Stylos, B. Graf, D. Busse, C. Ziegler, R. Ehret, J. Karstens VL/HCC Study 2008  
What Makes API’s Difficult to Use? Minhaz Fahim Zibran International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security (IJCSNS), 8 (4): 255-261, ISSN: 1738-7906 Study 2008 pdf 
Usability challenges for enterprise service-oriented architecture APIs J. Beaton, S. Jeong, Y. Xie, J. Stylos, B. Myers VL/HCC Study 2008  
Practical API design: confessions of a Java framework architect J. Tulach publisher Design 2008 Google books 
The implications of method placement on API learnability J. Stylos, B. Myers FSE Study 2008  
Visualizing the word structure of Java class names C. Anslow, J. Noble, S. Marshall, E. Tempero OOPSLA Tool 2008  
Usability evaluation for enterprise SOA APIs J. Beaton, B. Myers, J. Stylos, S. Jeong, Y. Xie SDSOA Study 2008  
PARSEWeb: A Programmer Assistant for Reusing Open Source Code on the Web S. Thummalapenta, T. Xie ASE Tool 2007  
The factory pattern in API design: a usability evaluation B. Ellis, J. Stylos, B. Myers ICSE Study 2007  
Mapping the space of API design decisions J. Stylos, B. Myers VL/HCC Design 2007  
Usability implications of requiring parameters in objects' constructors J. Stylos, S. Clarke ICSE Study 2007  
Keyword programming in Java G. Little, R. C. Miller ASE Tool 2007  
Handling objects: a scenario based approach T. Kannampallil, J. Daughtry SIGDOC Tool 2006  
Mica: a web-search tool for finding API components and examples J. Stylos, B. Myers VL/HCC Tool 2006 project page 
Profiling software API usability for consumer electronics C. Bore and S. Bore Digest of int’l conf. on consumer electronics Study 2005 IEEE 
Sometimes you need to see through walls: a field study of application programming interfaces C. Souza, D. Redmiles, L. Cheng, D. Millen, J. Patterson CSCW Study 2005  
Framework Design Guidelines: Conventions, Idioms, and Patterns for Reusable .NET Libraries K. Cwalina, B. Abrams publisher Design 2005 Google books 
Measuring API usability S. Clarke Dr.Dobb's Design 2004 Questionnaire and rating sheet used 
Martin Fowler blog Martin Fowler  Design 2002-2013 webpage 
Building more usable APIs S. McLellan, A. Roesler, J. Tempest, C. Spinuzzi IEEE Software Design 1998  
The reuse of uses in Smalltalk programming M. Rosson, J. Carroll TOCHI Study 1996  
Showing 63 items