This list is intended for resources that directly tackle issues surrounding API usability.
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1996 Rosson, M.B., Carroll, J.M. The Reuses of Uses in Smalltalk Programming ToCHI link  
1998 McLellan, S.G., Roesler, A.W., Tempest, J.T., Spinuzzi, C.I. Building more usable APIs IEEE Software publisher Earliest documented formal usability evaluation on an API (as far as we know). 
2001 Bloch, J. Effective Java Book publisher Advice from an API designer. 
2001 Brown, C.A. Usability Analysis of the Channel Application Programming Interface MS Thesis link First in-depth report of an API usability analysis. 
2002 Ye, Y., Fischer, G. Supporting Reuse by Delivering Task-Relevant and Personalized Information ICSE link  
2004 Clarke, S. Measuring API Usability DDJ link  
2004 de Souza, C.R.B et al. Sometimes You Need to See Through Walls — A Field Study of Application Programming Interfaces CSCW link  
2004 Clarke, Steven questionnaire and ratings sheet for cognitive dimensions analysis  Materials used These are the materials used in the original study, published in Dr. Dobbs 
2005 Bloch, J. How to Design a Good API and Why it Matters LCSD slides A keynote talk. 
2005 Cwalina, K., Abrams, B. Framework Design Guidelines: Conventions, Idioms, and Patterns for Reusable .NET Libraries Book publisher Advice from API designers. 
2006 Daughtry, J. Enabling Use : The Effects of Scenarios and Claims on the Self-Efficacy of Using Application Program Interfaces MS Thesis library  
2006 Pugh, K. Interface Oriented Design Book publisher  
2006 Kannampallil, T.G., Daughtry, J.M. Handling Objects: A Scenario Based Approach SIGDOC link  
2006 Stylos, J. Informing API Design through Usability Studies of API Design Choices: A Research Abstract VL/HCC publisher  
2006 Stylos, J. Mica: A Web-Search Tool for Finding API Components and Examples. VL/HCC publisher  
2007 Stylos J, Clarke S. Usability Implications of Requiring Parameters in Objects' Constructors ICSE link  
2007 Stylos, J., Myers, B. Mapping the Space of API Design Decisions VL/HCC link  
2007 Ellis, B., Stylos J., and Myers B. The Factory Pattern in API Design: A Usability Evaluation ICSE link  
2008 Tulach, J. Practical API Design: Confessions of a Java™ Framework Architect Book wiki Advice from an API designer. 
2008 Stylos, J., Graf, B., Busse, D., Ziegler, C., Ehret, R., Karstens, J.  A Case Study of API Redesign for Improved Usability. VL/HCC link  
2008 Stylos, J., Myers, B. The Implications of Method Placement on API Learnability FSE link  
2008 Beaton, J., Jeong, S., Xie, Y., Stylos, J., Myers, B. Usability challenges for enterprise service-oriented architecture APIs VL/HCC link  
2008 Anslow, C., Noble, J., Marshall, S., Tempero, E. Visualizing the Word Structure of Java Class Names OOPSLA link  
2008 Beaton, J., Myers, B., Stylos, J., Jeong, S., Xie, Y. Usability Evaluation for Enterprise SOA APIs SDSOA link  
2009 Stylos J., Myers B., Yang Z. Jadeite: improving API documentation using usage information CHI link  
2009 Jeong, S., Xie, Y., Beaton, J., Myers, B., Stylos, J., Ehret, R., Karstens, J., Efeoglu, A., Busse, D. Improving Documentation for eSOA APIs Through User Studies. IS-EUD link  
2009 Bob Watson Improving Software API Usability through Text Analysis: A Case Study IEEE IPCC 2009 link Paper presented at IPCC 2009 Conference (Link may require IEEE membership) 
2009 Brandt, J., Guo, P.J., Lewenstein, J., Dontcheva, M., Klemmer, S.R. Two Studies of Opportunistic Programming: Interleaving Web Foraging, Learning, and Writing Code CHI link  
2009 Daughtry, J.M., Farooq, U., Stylos, J., and Myers, B. API Usability: CHIʼ2009 Special Interest Group Meeting CHI link First gathering of professionals for the express interest in API usability. 
2009 Martin P. Robillard What Makes APIs Hard to Learn? Answers from Developers IEEE Software link A survey of the problems programmers at Microsoft face when learning APIs. 
2009 Daughtry, J.M., Farooq, U., Myers, B.A., Stylos, J. API usability: report on special interest group at CHI SEN link  
2009 Dekel, Uri and Herbsleb, James D. Improving API documentation usability with knowledge pushing Proceedings of the 2009 IEEE 31st International Conference on Software Engineering  
2009 Binkley, D. Jones, D.M., Lawrie, D.J. Information Clustering for Data Structure Definitions OOPSLA link Students vs. professionals in the structure of data structures. 
2016 Arnaud Lauret API Stylebook web site Great list of guidelines and discussions 
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