Conference on

”Forced Displacement, Asylum Seekers and Refugees:

Economics Aspects and Policy Issues”

18-19 March 2019

Queen Mary University of London - School of Economics and Finance

Conference programme

The conference will feature five parallel sessions, two plenary sessions and two keynotes. It concludes on Tuesday with a Policy panel (panellist bios). Please find an overview of the sessions and the speakers below or in the conference programme.

More detailed information, including abstracts of presented papers, can be found in the conference booklet.

[Legend: * indicates session chairs; SU: Students’ Union HUB; GC: Graduate Centre]

***   Monday, 18 March 2019   ***

Plenary session 1    [room: SU - Blomeley 1]

Bratsberg, Bernt (Frisch Centre): How settlement and local networks influence immigrant political integration    [Paper]

Hatton, Timothy (University of Essex): Asylum recognition rates in Europe: Persecution, policies and puzzles

Ruiz, Isabel (University of Oxford): Refugees and the UK labour market

Parallel session 1.1: Refugees and politics (I)     [room: SU - Blomeley 1]

Matakos, Konstantinos (King's College London): Does exposure to the refugee crisis make natives more hostile?    [Paper]

Steinmayr, Andreas (LMU Munich): Contact matters: Exposure to refugees and voting for the far-right    [Paper]

Bredtmann, Julia * (RWI - Leibniz Institute for Economic Research): Immigration and electoral outcomes: Evidence from the 2015 refugee inflow to Germany

Parallel session 1.2: Impact on host countries     [room: SU - Blomeley 2]

Verme, Paolo (World Bank): The impact of forced displacement on host communities: A review of the empirical literature in economics    [Paper]

Kirdar, Murat Güray (Bogazici University): The impact of mass migration of Syrians on the Turkish labor market    [Paper]

Kuhnt, Jana * (German Development Institute): Not in my backyard? The impact of refugees on female labor market outcomes, welfare and social cohesion among the host population in Uganda    [Paper]

Keynote [room: GC - 601]: Christian Dustmann (University College London)

Lowering welfare benefits: Intended and unintended consequences for migrants and their families 

Parallel session 2.1: Policies, borders and flows     [room: SU - Blomeley 1]

Fernández-Huertas Moraga, Jesús (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid): The effect of policies on the arrivals of asylum seekers in European countries    [Paper]

Fasani, Francesco  (Queen Mary University of London): Border policies and unauthorized flows: Evidence from the refugee crisis in Europe

Manchin, Miriam * (University College London): International migration intentions and illegal costs: Evidence from Africa-to-Europe smuggling routes    [Paper]

Parallel session 2.2: Labour market integration (I)     [room: SU - Blomeley 2]

Ginn, Thomas (Stanford University): Prison or sanctuary? An evaluation of camps for Syrian refugees    [Paper]

Arendt, Jacob Nielsen (The Rockwool Foundation's Research Unit): early employment support for refugees: Quasi-experimental evidence    [Paper]

Foged, Mette * (University of Copenhagen): Integration programs and the labor market impact for refugees

Parallel session 3.1: Attitudes and preferences     [room: SU - Blomeley 1]

Vargas-Silva, Carlos (University of Oxford): The consequence of refugee repatriation for stayees: A threat to stability and sustainable development?

Jeannet, Anne-Marie * (European University Institute): The structure of European public preferences for asylum and refugee policy: A cross national conjoint experiment

Parallel session 3.2: Refugees and media     [room: SU - Blomeley 2]

Gamalerio, Matteo (Institut d'Economia de Barcelona): Finding the warmth of other suns? Refugee reception, extreme votes and hate crimes

Battiston, Giacomo (Bocconi University): Rescue on stage: Border enforcement and public attention in the Mediterranean    [Paper]

Spirig, Judith * (University of Zurich): It's in the news: The impact of asylum issue salience on judicial decision-making

***   Tuesday, 19 March 2019   ***

Parallel session 4.1: Labour market integration (II)     [room: SU - Blomeley 1]

Battisti, Michele (University of Glasgow): Can job search assistance improve the labour market integration of refugees? Evidence from a field experiment    [Paper]

Sarvimäki, Matti (Aalto University): Intergenerational effects of an integration policy

Teytelboym, Alex * (University of Oxford): Placement optimization in refugee resettlement    [Paper]

Parallel session 4.2: Displacement and undocumented migration     [room: SU - Blomeley 2]

Sánchez Torres, Fabio (University of los Andes - School of Economics): Diverging educational paths after exposure to new environments: Evidence from forced displacement in Colombia

Aksoy, Cevat Giray (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development): Refugees' self-selection into Europe: Who migrates where?    [Paper]

Arenas-Arroyo, Esther * (University of Oxford): Immigration enforcement, police trust and domestic violence

Plenary session 2     [room: SU - Blomeley 1]

Hangartner, Dominik (London School of Economics): Monitoring recruiters at work: Determinants of ethnic discrimination on an online recruitment platform

Mayda, Anna Maria (Georgetown University): The impact of refugees: Evidence from the US resettlement program    [Paper]

Rapoport, Hillel  (Paris School of Economics): Let their knowledge flow: The effect of returning refugees on export performance in the former Yugoslavia    [Paper]

Millard, Roy * (South East Strategic Partnership for Migration)

Parallel session 5.1: Labour market integration (III)     [room: SU - Blomeley 1]

Caria, Stefano (University of Bristol): The employment compact. Helping Syrian refugees find work in Jordan with dynamic treatment assignment    [Paper]

Parsons, Christopher (University of Western Australia): Network quality and refugees’ occupations: Quasi-experimental evidence from the Viet Kieu

Frattini, Tommaso * (University of Milan): Lift the ban? Labour market restrictions and refugees’ employment in Europe

Parallel session 5.2: Refugees and politics (II)     [room: SU - Blomeley 2]

Hennig, Jakob (Toulouse School of Economics): Refugee shelters, neighbourhood quality and electoral outcomes in Germany    [Paper]

Lange, Martin (ZEW Mannheim): Refugees welcome? Understanding the regional heterogeneity of anti-foreigner hate crime in Germany    [Paper]

Savolainen, Riikka * (King's College London): How does refugee immigration influence redistribution preferences? Evidence from Finland

Keynote [room: GC - 601]: Becker, Sascha (University of Warwick)

Forced migration and human capital: Evidence from post-WWII population transfers

Policy panel     [room:  GC - 601]    [Panellist bios]

Foresti, Marta (ODI - Director of Human Mobility Initiative; Visiting Senior Fellow, LSE-IGA)

Pagliuchi-Lor, Rossella (UNHCR - Representative to the United Kingdom)

Sudbury, Imogen (International Rescue Committee - Director of Policy & Advocacy)

Wahba, Jackie (Professor - University of Southampton; Member of Migration Advisory Committee)

Wren, Maurice (Refugee Council - Chief Executive)


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