Conclusion / Current Project Status

"There are two problems still to be settled in the history of the family;  first, it origins and descent of  William Hoskyns of Beaminster, for which there are two or three possibilities, though I think the Wiltshire descent is the likeliest one;'...."

 From "A History of The Hoskins Family of Devon and Dorset" by W. G. Hoskins

March 2009

It appears based on my research to date that my great grandfather's obituary was indeed correct. Conventional genealogical sources confirm  that the family is descended from an early puritan settler named: Anthony Hoskins, who settled in Windsor, Connecticut in the mid-1600's. Additional DNA matches to other Anthony Hoskins descendants corroborate this conclusion. In addition, excerpts from W.G. Hoskins' works along with DNA, historical and surname evidence point to Wales as the home of Anthony Hoskins' family after leaving the European continent.

However, DNA results matching exactly the Anthony Hoskins signature by a living person in Wales or Dorset has not been found. Currently, this is a major focus for this project. Efforts to locate DNA matches are being pursued actively.  If exact DNA matches with a Hoskins surname in the locations anticipated are found, the geographical migration path will be virtually verified. 
Another significant question relating to this project is the parentage of Anthony Hoskins and the location of his birth. Based on my readings, most professional genealogist don't believe Anthony was the son of John Hoskins, nor was Anthony born in Dorchester, Mass. in 1630.   Most of these same genealogist indicate that John and Anthony were related in some manner such as Uncle/Nephew.  This project is searching for more information about Anthony's birth place, his parents, and the time in which he lived.  Updates will be made to this site as information is found.