Stockholm University:

Development Economics I and II 
Co-taught with Ingvild Almas, Tessa Bold, Konrad Burchardi, Andreas Madestam and Jakob Svensson
PhD in Economics
from Fall, 2014

Economics of Development and the Environment
Masters in Economics
from Fall, 2015

Environment, Local Communities and Mobility 
Co-taught with Lowe Börjeson, Maria-Therese Gustafsson and Beppe Karlsson
Masters in Environmental Social Sciences


from Fall, 2016

Environment, Markets and Politics
Co-taught with Andreas Duit
Masters in Environmental Social Sciences
from Fall, 2016

Empirical Methods in Economics II
Spring, 2016
Columbia University:

Fall, 2011

As teaching assistant at Columbia University:

Human Ecology and Sustainable Development
Professor: Jeffrey Sachs
Spring, 2011; Spring, 2012; Spring, 2014 

Environmental Science and Sustainable Development 
Professor: John Mutter
Fall, 2009; Fall, 2010

Challenges of Sustainable Development
Professor: Jeffrey Sachs
Spring, 2010

Microeconomics and Policy Analysis
Professor: Glenn Sheriff
Fall, 2008

Secondary School:

Maths and Physics
Mityana Standard Secondary School, Kagavu, Uganda
Sole responsibility for teaching classes of 12-60 students
August, 1999 - August, 2000