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Customized Massage- A massage tailored to your specific needs. Combines trigger point therapy, swedish and structural bodywork techniques. Pressure can vary from light to medium depending on your preference.

60mins/$60 90mins/$85

Prenatal Massage- Anna's Bodywork offers prenatal massage for Women in their second or third trimester. If you are in your first trimester I may require you to bring a doctor's note. Anna's Bodywork only uses light to medium pressure for prenatal massages.


CBD oil massage- CBD is a non-intoxicating compound found in cannabis hemp. Using CBD oil topically can enhance your massage making it more relaxing and effective. Anna's Bodywork bodywork uses a custom CBD massage oil made from hemp. Pricing: $10 add on

Aromatherapy massage-Essential oils are added to the session. Choose from basic scents like orange, eucalyptus, lavender and mint. Or exclusive mixes by Anna's bodywork. Pricing: $5 add on.

Sound bowl therapy session- Sound bowls have been used for meditation and relaxation for thousands of years. Bowls are placed on/ around the body and played in order to reduce stress and tension, induce relaxation and balance chakras. Pricing: 3omins/ $45 half massage half sound bowl session $75

Hot Himalayan Salt Stones- (used with organic coconut oil) Heated Himilayan salt stones are incorporated into the session. The stones warm up/loosen your muscles and joints. Minerals are absorbed through the skin and the warmth from the stones feels amazing. The salt stones contain up to 86 different minerals and ionize/purify the air.

Other modalities: Swedish, trigger point therapy and injury massage. To learn more click on the book now button on the home page.