Join the team!

Research students - We currently welcome applications from outstanding candidates for our PhD in Computation, Cognition and Language. If you are interested in applying, please take a look at my research interests and ongoing projects, and check that you meet the minimum entry requirements before contacting me. If you need funding, please contact me well in time before the yearly funding deadlines.

Postdoctoral researchers - When project positions become available we advertise them on the LTL website and more widely. We also host externally-funded research fellows - please get in touch if you are interested in this opportunity and have a suitable fellowship in mind.

Current people

PhD students:

  • Alan Ansell multilingual NLP

  • Panagiotis Fytas causal inference in NLP and social applications

  • Songbo Hu conversational AI

  • Yaoyiran Li multilingual NLP

  • Qianchu (Flora) Liu computational models of lexical representation

  • Marinela Parovic multilingual NLP

  • Ulla Petti automatic detection of dementia

  • Evgeniia Razumovskaia multilingual conversational AI

  • Yi Zhu machine learning, cross-lingual NLP

Postdocs / research fellows:

  • Simon Baker lexical acquisition, information extraction, biomedical NLP

  • Charlotte Collins linguistic annotation for NLP

  • Haim Dubossarsky computational modeling of semantic change

  • Olga Majewska linguistic resources for NLP, cognitively inspired NLP

  • Ivan Vulić representation learning, multilingual and multimodal NLP, conversational AI and applications