Short Bio/CV

Zdravo! Ciao! Hola! Здравствуйте! Welkom! Welcome! Bienvenue! Willkommen! 

I am a (postdoctoral) research associate at the University of Cambridge working on the LEXICAL project (Lexical Acquisition Across Languages, 2015-2020) together with Anna Korhonen (the PI of the LEXICAL project) and Roi Reichart

I hold a PhD in computer science from KU Leuven (awarded summa cum laude with congratulations of the board of examiners).

I am very interested in natural language processing, human language understanding, machine learning theory and applications, and information retrievalmostly in multilingual/cross-lingual and multi-modal settings, including (but not limited to) bilingual lexicon extraction and cross-lingual semantic modeling, cross-lingual and multilingual information retrieval, distributional semantics, cross-lingual text mining and knowledge transfer, lexical acquisition, text representation learning, latent topic models, probabilistic modeling of text data, terminology mining and alignment, machine translation, unsupervised techniques for languages with scarce resources, multi-idiomatic and multi-modal information search and retrieval, multi-modal and visually/perceptually-enhanced semantics, etc.

Feel free to contact me if your research lies within these or related areas!

In the meantime, also feel free to take a look at my CV, longer bio, and publications.

Breaking News

April 2017-: I am (co-)writing a book for Morgan & Claypool on cross-lingual representation learning with Manaal Faruqui (Google) and Anders Søgaard (UCPH)

April 2017: Nikola, Taher, and I gave a tutorial on vector space specialisation at EACL 2017. The slides are available here.

March 2017: Nikola and I gave a talk at Bar-Ilan.

March 2017: Long paper on "morph-fitting" accepted for ACL 2017! (with Nikola, Roi, Anna, Diarmuid Ó Séaghdha, and Steve Young) 

February 2017: Short paper on syntactically informed cross-lingual word representations accepted for EACL 2017! (single-author)

January 2017: A tutorial on cross-lingual word representations with Manaal Faruqui and Anders Søgaard accepted for EMNLP 2017! (Sept. 7 2017)

January 2017: A tutorial on vector space specialisation with Nikola Mrkšić and Taher Pilehvar accepted for EACL 2017! (April 3 or April 4 2017)

Old(er) News

December 2016: Two long papers accepted for EACL 2017! (with Douwe and Anna; with Geert and Sien) Our script for evaluating word representation learning models on the word association task will be available soon.

September 2016: I gave a talk at the South England NLP Meetup, organised by the UCL Machine Reading Group (Sept. 22nd)

August 2016: Our HyperLex dataset targeting graded lexical entailment is finally online! Check the dataset and the accompanying paper! (with Daniela, Douwe, Felix, and Anna)

July 2016: Long paper accepted for EMNLP 2016! (with Daniela Gerz, Felix Hill, Roi Reichart, and Anna Korhonen). Verb similarity dataset available here!

June 2016: Information Sciences article accepted! (with Susana Zoghbi and Sien Moens)

May 2016: Long paper accepted for ACL 2016! (with Anna Korhonen)

April 2016: Two short papers accepted for ACL 2016! (with Anna Korhonen; with Douwe Kiela, Stephen Clark, and Sien Moens)

April 2016: JAIR article published! (with Sien Moens)