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The Anglican Parish of Andover is located in the beautiful Upper Saint John River Valley.  We gather for regular worship in Trinity Church, Perth-Andover.  Our worship embraces the Book of Common Prayer on Sundays. 

The parish hall, located at Trinity Church, is home to the beautiful hand-painted murals by local artist Vi Gillett and unofficial "parish guides" enjoy sharing information about this remarkable woman, her gifted ministry in artwork, and the impression she left as a faithful witness for the Lord.  

The parish cares for those who are ill -- weekly clergy visits to the *hospitals; parish and private prayers.  *Anyone who is listed "Anglican" is visited.  The priest-in-charge also sees patients at any time upon request from the patient or a family member.  

Youth and Children's ministries are highly valued.  The parish is an ongoing supporter of Camp Brookwood prayerfully, financially as a budget item, individually through donations and physical work at the site, by having elected representatives on the Board of Directors.  

Hospitality is a special gift/ministry.  We have individuals who are very creative decorators, amazing cooks and people who are sincerely gifted in welcoming newcomers. 

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