The Anglican Parish of Andover is located in the beautiful Upper Saint John River Valley.  We gather for regular worship in Trinity Church, Perth-Andover.  Our worship embraces the Book of Common Prayer on Sundays. The parish also has  Sunday worship gatherings at Victoria Glen Manor according to the area ministerial roster, and occasional celebrations of Holy Communion at the Manor.  

The parish hall, located at Trinity Church, is home to multigenerational Christian Education programs and events.  Beautiful hand-painted murals by local artist Vi Gillett are on display in the hall, and unofficial "parish guides" enjoy sharing information about this remarkable woman, her gifted ministry in artwork, and the impression she left as a faithful witness for the Lord.  

The parish cares for the aged; the ACW (Anglican Church Women) meet in a senior's apartment complex, and our priest-in-charge welcomes invitations to visit and celebrate Holy Communion with shut-ins.  Parishioners deliver Sunday bulletins, letters and daily devotional materials to those who are unable to get to us.  

The parish cares for those who are ill -- weekly clergy visits to the *hospitals; parish and private prayers.  *Anyone who is listed "Anglican" is visited.  The priest-in-charge also sees patients at any time upon request from the patient or a family member.  Friendly visitors from the parish also visit hospitals and homes.

Youth and Children's ministries are highly valued.  The parish is an ongoing supporter of Camp Brookwood prayerfully, financially as a budget item, individually through donations and physical work at the site, by having elected representatives on the Board of Directors, and by freeing up clergy to assume the role of Camp Chaplain for at least a week each summer.  We wait on the Lord to raise up additional leaders, and in the meantime will do our best to serve these valued members of our parish family.

Every member ministries are a work in progress, with ongoing discernment, encouragement, educational opportunities, and involvement in diocesan events.

Hospitality is a special gift/ministry.  We have individuals who are very creative decorators, amazing cooks and people who are sincerely gifted in welcoming newcomers. (Check out the Shrove Tuesday supper, seasonal Tea Parties and 3rd Sunday potluck).  

The parish supports the local Good Samaritan Foodbank, with elected membership on the Board of Directors and by making regular donations.  Please visit "Outreach Ministries" on this website for a glimpse of some of the additional initiatives, and see "Worship" for up-to-date schedules.
We also recommend the Village of Perth-Andover website in our LINKS.
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