Jen's Photos:

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Teammates Kai & Jen spreading Positive Vibes

Team Kai & Jen at a doctor

Jen & her fuzzy helper, Kai, in training

Jen sporting her country roots and looking strong shortly after the Mold

Santa brought Jen's Christmas wish - after many hurdles, her medication has finally been approved and treatment will begin shortly! 12/21/13

Keeping Strong, Family Style

Jen & her Little Buddy enjoying the outdoors BEFORE the mold.

My sister, Jen Liese, was infected with more than 5 kinds of Aspergillus & Stachybotrys Chartarum; two of the most dangerous kinds of toxic molds, along with several others; all at invasive levels, considered deadly.

Lucky to have survived to this point, she is currently battling devastating symptoms like muscle spasticity, muscle weakness, dyskinesia, full body tremors, seizures, loss of motor control, blackouts, difficulty concentrating, severe fatigue, debilitating migraines, heart palpitations, irregular heartbeats, stroke like symptoms, aphasia, decreasing pulmonary function, fatigue, rashes and hair loss. Unfortunately, despite doctors' efforts we have not been able to completely rid her body of the fungus, the symptoms or damage it has and will continue to cause. Despite all efforts Jen's health continues to decline and requires more and more medical intervention to achieve a lesser state of health and welllness.

Although she is a warrior at heart, and warriors always get back up, not all of the medical help her family and friends have been fighting for is covered by insurance.

This site was started as a way to help her share her story, spread awareness about the dangers of mold, and help find her a cure.