Net Status

Net Status is a simple and handy app,
for inspecting network properties and connections of your andoird phone.
It's tabbed GUI allows you to perform 3 different actions:
1.  To send a ping to any IP or web address.
     The ping commands actually sends 3 ICMP request packets to a given destination and waits for reply.
     This is very handy if you want to check contactivity to a certian network server or host.
NOTE: Some of the sites on the web block icmp packets from security reasons, thus you wont get a reply even if 
              you are connected  to the site.
2. The Netstat command allows to view all of your currently opended transport layer connections.
    You can see the protocol (usualy TCP or UDP ), the source and destinations address and port of the connections
    and it's current state.
    you will be surpries to know that android keeps several opened connections most of the time.
 3. The Netcfg is actualy the android equvalent to ifconfig or ipconfig.
     this command allows you to see the current state of all your network interfaces on your android phone.
     You can see if the interface is UP or DOWN and wheather it is connected to a network and have an IP address.
Version 1.2
contains the following updates:
4. ARP is the shortcut for Address Resolution Protocol.
    According to this protocol every network device must have an ARP table, called ARP cache, in which
    it keeps an IP - MAC address mapping in order to forward Ethernet traffic.
    This table is updated periodically by the device.   

Version 1.3
contains the following updates:
5. DS is a shortcut for Domain Scanner.
    This feature actually allows the user to set a range of IP adresses and scan them to find
    all his active network neigbors. This feature works well both on WIFI and 3G.   

Version 1.4
contains the following updates:

6. Options menu was added to all the features of the application.
    This menu allows to save the data received in each one of the tools to a log file on the SD-card
    Every feature contains its own log file. This log file can be also deleted from the menu. 

More fetures and updates are comming...
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