Cell Rad

Cell Rad is an  application for android that allows the user 
to measure the amount of cellular phone radiation he is exposed to
during conversation.

Recent studies have found a strong connection between cellular radiation exposure levels and the development of brain cancer.

1. During conversation our Cellphone continuously emits Electro-magnetic radiation. 
     Long term exposure to high levels of such radiation heats human brain tissue. This heating, according to the studies, 
     may cause brain cancer.

2. By monitoring cell tower reception power this App predicts what will be the radiation level of the cellphone during conversation.

3. The stronger your cellphone receives the tower, the less power the cellphone will use to reach it during conversation. 
     Therefore you will be exposed to lower radiation levels during conversation.

4. Use this app to map areas of high radiation. In general avoid talking in places such as elevators, basements and moving vehicles
      where radiation levels are considerably higher then normal, as you will see with this app.

5. How can you lower your radiation exposure level?

One of the simplest ways is to use a Bluetooth head set or a speaker, because radiation
drops rapidly when there is a distance between your head and the cellphone.

Disclaimer:  please take the time to investigate yourself the above
          written information, in order to take the right decisions regarding your cellphone usage habits.

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