Ph.D., Statistics, Arizona State University, 2012
    Advisors: Sharon Lohr and Yan Yang
B.A., Mathematics (Honors Track), University of Notre Dame, 2008

Published Articles

Karl, A., Wisnowski, J., Rushing, H. (2015) "A Practical Guide to Text Mining with Topic Extraction" WIRES Computational        
Karl, A., Yang, Y., Lohr, S. (2014) "Computation of Maximum Likelihood Estimates for Multiresponse Generalized Linear Mixed Models with     Non-nested, Correlated Random Effects," Computational Statistics & Data Analysis 73, 146-162.
Karl, A., Eubank, R., Milavanovic, J., Reiser, M., Young, D. (2014) "Parallel Random Number Generation in C++ and R Using                    RngStreams," Computational Statistics 29, 1301-1320.
Karl, A., Yang, Y., Lohr, S. (2013) "A Correlated Random Effects Model for Nonignorable Missing Data in Value-Added Assessment of               Teacher Effects," Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics 38, 577-603.
Karl, A. (2012). "The Sensitivity of College Football Rankings to Several Modeling Choices," Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports
    Volume 8, Issue 3, DOI 10.1515/1559-0410.1471

Published Books

Rushing, H., Karl, A., Wisnowski, J. Design and Analysis of Experiments by Douglas Montgomery: A Supplement for Using JMP. Cary: SAS, 2013.

Published Software

Karl, A., Yang, Y., Lohr, S. GPvam: "Maximum Likelihood Estimation of the Generalized Persistence Value-Added Model", The Comprehensive R  Archive Network

Karl, A., Broatch, J. RealVAMS: " RealVAMS: Multivariate VAM Fitting ", The Comprehensive R  Archive Network

Conference Presentations

"Text Mining in JMP with R", JMP Discovery Summit 2013, San Antonio, September 2013.
"Exploring the Effects of Missing Data in Value Added Models," Joint Statistical Meetings, Miami Beach, August 2011.


Received a $1,000 Graduate Research Award from the School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences at ASU (2012).
Received a $2,500, 2nd place Bernoulli Prize for Senior Thesis from Notre Dame's Department of Economics (2008).
Received a 32¢ check from Donald Knuth for a "valuable suggestion" (2008).

Programming and Software Experience

R, SAS, C++, OpenMP, SPSS, Minitab, Design Expert, JMP, Unix scripting, Mathematica, LaTeX typesetting

Select Coursework

Statistics (ASU)
Linear Statistical Models, Large Sample Theory, Mixed Models (Theory and Applications), Bayesian Analysis, Categorical Data Analysis (e.g. Logistic Regression), Applied Sampling Methodology, Applied Multivariate Analysis, Applied Regression Analysis, Applied Analysis of Variance

Industrial Engineering (ASU)
Six Sigma Methodology, Design of Experiments, Response Surface Methodology, Statistical Process Control, Data Mining

Mathematics (Notre Dame)
Calculus I-IV (based on works by Tom Apostol), Linear Algebra (2 semesters), Abstract Algebra (2 semesters), Real Analysis (2 semesters), Differential Equations, Topology, Differential Topology, Differential Geometry, Measure-theoretic Probability, Complex Variables, Mathematical Modeling


Arizona State
Fall 2011        - Instructor for week-long training of new TA's
Spring 2011    - Instructor of record, STP 226, Elements of StatisticsFall 2010 - Instructor of record, STP 226, Elements of Statistics
Spring 2010    - ASU Statistics Consulting Center
Fall 2009        - ASU Statistics Consulting Center
Spring 2009    - Recitation TA, MAT 272, Calculus III
Fall 2008        - Recitation TA, MAT 272, Calculus III

Phillips Academy Andover
Summer 2008 - Calculus TA