Why engage me?

During more than 30 years and more than 350,000 miles logged as captain on boats as varied as a 31' sloop destined for the Caribbean charter trade to a custom 110' Broward motor yacht, I have a record of moving boats safely and quickly to their destination.

What's the key to a successful delivery?

Conservative operation

My crew and I will operate your boat very conservatively. We reef early, avoid bad weather, and never run the engine at excessive RPM. We're not there to see how fast we can make your boat go; that's not what professionals do.

Expert weather routing

The weather plays a big part in keeping your boat in one piece; it's easy to do thousands of dollars worth of damage--or worse--by heading out or keeping going in bad weather. After more than three decades examining weather maps, and dealing with the consequences of making a mistake, I have become good at weather routing and picking a safe departure weather window. As a result, a boat under my command will often be sitting on the dock while other, less cautious, skippers depart. Should weather deteriorate a great deal while I'm under way, I have no problem heaving to or otherwise stopping the boat until conditions improve.

You're Welcome

Many delivery skippers don't welcome the owner for offshore passages. That's not the case on boats I skipper;  the owner is always welcome. I enjoy passing on my knowledge and have gained some close friendships to boot.

The job doesn't end when we reach the dock

Under way, we keep your boat clean and tidy. If conditions allow, we even polish the metal on deck. Once we arrive, my crew and I give your boat a full-on, waterline-up clean and shine, leaving her ready for your arrival.