Andreas Dür

This is some of the open-source software that I recommend for academic work:

  1. Zotero: This is a Firefox extension that helps you collect and cite research sources. 
  2. R: This is a software for statistics and graphs. For an excellent online tutorial see Quick-R. SimpleR is a more extensive manual. OnePageR is a further great resource. RStudio, an integrated development environment, facilitates working with R.
  3. Latex Beamer: This is a Latex extension that allows you to produce professional presentations.
  4. Limesurvey: An open-source software to produce online surveys.
  5. EUGene: Software to produce dyadic datasets. 

Social Science blogs:

  1. The Monkey Cage: popular political science blog
  2. Statistical Modeling: Blog by Andrew Gelman
  3. PoliSci Zurich
  4. VoxEU: blog by economists on European integration
  5. Academic blogs: list of blogs in a variety of academic disciplines
  6. Probaby overthinking it: a statistics blog

And some interesting IPE pages:

  1. IPE Zone: an interesting blog covering IPE topics.
  2. IPE at UNC: another IPE blog.

For those with an interest in trade policy:

  1. International Economic Law and Policy
  2. Eyes on Trade

For those with an interest in interest groups:

  1. ECPR Standing Group on Interest Groups
  2. Intereuro

News sources on the EU:

  1. Euractiv (English, German)
  2. EUObserver
  3. New Europe

And finally some data sources:

  1. Design of Trade Agreements
  2. UN data: page bringing together data on various topics
  3. ISA Compendium Datasets: all major IR datasets
  4. CEPII: among other things, data on distances, trade, tariffs etc.
  5. World Bank Governance Indicators
  6. Political Regime Characteristics (Polity IV)
  7. Infochimps: a data archive
  8. GESIS: survey data
  9. European Values Study: survey data
  10. European Elections Study
  11. Paul Hensel's International Relations Data Site
  12. Kansas Event Data System
  13. Penn World Table: GDP data
  14. COW Trade Data: Trade data for 1870-2006
  15. Development Aid Data 
  16. Data Market: data archive
  17. EASY: data archive
  18. Data on EU decision-making
  19. Data on EU legislative politics
  20. Gapminder
  21. Official data
  22. Comparative political data
  23. The Macro Data Guide
  24. Global Elections Database
  25. The Continent of International Law
  26. Global Database of Events, Language, and Tone
  27. Data on services commitments in trade agreements
  28. ISQ replication data
  29. R scripts to download important databases
  30. EU Open Data Portal
  31. US government data
  32. Parliaments and Governments database
  33. BITSel: data on the contents of international investment agreements
  34. IPE data
  35. Global Indicators of Regulatory Governance
  36. Comparative Study of Electoral Systems