Why Use Us!

At An Athlete's Edge, we strive to provide our patients with top of the line care. We specialize in Sports Massage Therapy, pain relief, increased movement, and joint mobilization; but provide a large variety of massage services. Click here to see our list of services and here to see our pricing. Our team is comprised of Holly Freireich, Mike L. Walters, and Jenn Chetaitis. All are board certified massage therapists with the American Massage Therapy Association. Each have their own backgrounds that outside of massage that benefits their clients. See our bios to see what we have to offer.

Our Experience Shows!

COVID-19 Alert!!!

Greetings Everyone! We hope that you are healthy, safe and dealing with this COVID19 situation using all the resources available to you. An Athlete’s Edge is now open, limitedly! We ask for your cooperation as we endeavor to keep everyone involved safe.

If you are coughing, elevated temperature, and/or decreased breathing ability; please play safe for everyone and STAY HOME! In addition, we will check you out in the office before work begins, if we feel any of the above are present you will be sent home. We want to keep ourselves and our families safe and abide by CDC recommendations.

So, the procedure will go like this, if you wish to schedule an appointment contact your individual therapist if you have their phone number. Or you can contact us using the office phone at 717-458-7017; our FB page; or the website at AnAthletesEdge.com via Contact Us on the left side column. If you are already working with a certain therapist, please include their name in the message. PLEASE use only ONE contact method, so that we do not get a deluge of messages. We will get with you as soon as possible.

In opening we wish to maintain CDC guidelines on cleaning, so please be patient in that appointments will be spaced out to allow thorough cleaning according to these guidelines.

When coming into the office, please touch as little as possible and use the hand sanitizer on the desk in the office as you enter.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We want to make this operation as smooth as possible.