I am an Assistant Professor joint between Math and Population Health Sciences departments at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. I am building a cross-disciplinary research program in math and psychiatry. My goal is to demonstrate that mathematics can aid discovery in psychiatry by generating stronger, more reliable conclusions that link observations from genes to treatment. As an applied mathematician working in Psychiatry, team science is a central to what I do. I'm part of the Applied and Computational Math caucus and the Women's Mental Health Program at UW-Madison and am fortunate to have fantastic clinical collaborators.

For interested students, I hold monthly meetings with students and collaborators. I welcome and value diverse perspectives. Email me if you would like to attend.

Please help us out with our latest project called Seqer (Computational Modeling of the Sequential Decision-Maker) by downloading Seqer on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Amy Louise Cochran

cochran4 at wisc dot edu

curriculum vitae


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