Quantum Transport and Theory

Amit Agarwal

Associate Professor, Department of Physics

Indian Institute of Technology - Kanpur

Kanpur, India

Open Positions

--- Postdoctoral positions [Call for applications - last date 15th January 2019]

--- Looking for bright, and motivated Ph. D and Masters students to work on

--- Density functional theory based exploration of 2D, Dirac and Topological materials

--- Collective density and spin excitations in different systems

--- modelling of magneto- electric and thermal transport properties of topological materials insulators


  • Avirup's paper on "Modeling of Multi-domain Switching in Ferroelectric Materials..." has been accepted in IEDM (a very prestigious micro-electronics conference). [Finally in 4th attempt! Great work by Avirup].
  • Our paper "Topological hourglass Dirac semimetal in the nonpolar phase of Ag2Bio3" will appear in Phys. Rev. Lett. [Excellent work by Barun and Bahadur!]
  • Anan Bari Sarkar has joined our research group. [Welcome, and get ready for the great stuff!]
  • Our paper "3D Dirac Plasmons in 3D Dirac semimetal PtTe_2" appeared in Phys. Rev. Lett. Editorial suggestion + PHYSICS highlight. [Great work by Barun and Krishanu in the theory part !]
  • Ashutosh submitted his Ph. D thesis. "Excellent work by Ashutosh! And party abhi baki hai - Ashutosh"

Research Interests

All aspects of "Quantum transport and theory"

1) Dirac and Weyl semimetals: transport, electronic and optical properties

2) Density functional theory based exploration of new 2D, and topological materials

3) Collective density (plasmons) and spin excitations in various systems

4) Nanoscale device modelling