Future of America

America's Future - Getting Back on Course

All Americans need to be more concerned about our future and hold business and government leaders at every level accountable for taking positive action to get us back on a path to a brighter future .
America needs to continue to retain our leadership in innovation, selectively building up our industrial base, investing in 'green' technologies, becoming energy independent, caring for our people, placing justice and righteous behavior above shortsightedness, greed and immorality, protecting our country and our constitution, and our people.  Let's not be fearful about the future. Let's be serious, thoughtful, and hopeful about our future.

Let's openly discuss the future in public at all levels and see if we can reach a general consensus on the positive direction we want our country to take and what our highest priorities ought to be. Let's revive and reshape the American Dream to help guide us to a better tomorrow. Thankfully, it's already happening.Change is already well underway as we head deeper into the 21st Century.

Often, many of our business and government leaders seem to have lost their way and don't really have a vision for the future of our country that we can get behind.  They're too focused on the next fiscal quarter or the next election. They focus on the negative and constantly harp on the topic of fear. They want to return to some glorious past. Not going to happen! The rest of us are moving into an exciting and challenging future.

We celebrate America as the home of the brave - not the home of the fearful. There are a lot of hard working, creative, and hope-filled folks out there trying to make a difference and move us forward. They are helping to create a new vision of the future for America in the 21st century. They are hard at work creating Robot Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Alternative Energy, Industry 4.0, the Internet of Everything... actively addressing challenges like Climate Change, Universal Healthcare, Education 4.0... not to mention Space Travel, IInterplanetary Colonization, Genetic Engineering, Teleportation... completing the transition from a Type 0 Civilization to a Type 1 Civilization. Wow! 

  • A Type 0 Civilization extracts its energy, information, raw-materials from crude organic-based sources, e.g. food/wood/fossil fuel/books/oral traditions; pressures via natural disaster, natural selection, and societal collapse creates extreme risk of extinction; it's capable of orbital spaceflight; societies that fail to improve social, environmental and medical understanding concurrently with other advancements, frequently accelerated their own extinction.
  • A Type I Civilization extracts its energy, information, and raw-materials from fusion power, hydrogen, and other "high-density" renewable-resources; is capable of interplanetary spaceflight, interplanetary communication, megascale engineering, and interplanetary colonization, medical and technological singularity, planetary engineering, world government and trade, and stellar system-scale influence; but are still vulnerable to possible extinction.

* This web site tries to provide links to credible web sites where constructive discussions about the future are taking place and answers are being generated.We have tried hard not to provide links to web sites that offer no solutions or are simply fronts for political campaigns and posturing.


YouTube Video on the World in 2025

* Read the latest National Intelligence Council (NIC) report released in January 2017 entitled Global Trends 2035: Paradox of Progress

We need to strengthen, not weaken, our sense of shared national purpose and our drive to tackle and overcome the great challenges facing us as we move further into the 21st century.

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"The goal for America is to remain a great country. This means that while reducing our deficits, we must also invest in education, infrastructure, research & development, as well as open our society more widely to talented immigrants and fix the regulations that govern our economy."  -  Friedman & Mandelbaum, "That Used to Be Us"