Bring your American Flyer 'S' scale steam & diesel engines back to life!

A. C. Gilbert's vintage American Flyer train engines need to be cleaned and lubricated to keep them in good running condition.  Engines that have not been run for years can 'freeze' up and if power is applied in this condition can burn up the armature or field.  Wear of moving parts can also rob your engine of the power to pull your rolling stock. My service can bring these back to normal running condition.  

When you send in your engine I will clean and lubricate the motor, drive gears, e-unit and axles.  I will evaluate the armature and field, brushes, springs, reverse unit,  and smoke unit.  I will then send you an evaluation and an itemized estimate of needed and optional repairs.  You can then pick what services you want performed.
The above services are just $21.99 plus return shipping costs.
Compare these prices to others on the web that average $45!
Check out the videos in the updates below to see what you get for only $21.99.

New items have been added to the 'For Sale' page 9/18/17.  

Update 9/18/17: The new repair season has begun.  I have many on my waiting list.  If you have repairs you need done, contact me to get on the list @

NEW - I will be posting my work list here so you can check on your  spot in the work shop.  I hope to do weekly updates (if all goes well).

Update 2/10/15 Check out the newly added Maintenance Tips page (see link in left hand column)

Check out the 2 part video on my YouTube page on the cleaning and inspection process
    Part 2

Here are some examples of finished engines on my test stand.  They needed additional parts as well as cleaning. These engines were not running and armatures could not be turned by hand!


Watch a video of a repaired 290 @

Look at these before and afters!!

notice the holes warn in the reverse unit contacts...


...and a video of what old grease will do  

Here are some customers comments

Hi Neil, my engines arrived today, great packing job, thank you.  The Royal Blue has not run for close to 50 years, thanks so much for making them alive again.  Hope to send you additional work in the future, excellent service!!                   Tom

 The locos look and run great                   Paul

... looks and runs great.                            Rick

 I KNOW IT WILL SMOKE AND RUN THE WAY A FLYER SHOULD RUN! So many say they can fix flyer but you are the best yet.                           Kevin

         ... thank you for the great job that you did on my 290 locomotive and tender. They look and            run like new!! Great work!

Diesel engine service Now available!!
The same services as listed above. Price  $18.99 one motor, 22.99 dual motor.  I also offer re-bushing services that many of these diesels need when they have a lot of track time accumulated over the years.

I am closed for repairs from April 16th through September 5th but please feel free to contact me by email anytime.

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