Emergency Preparedness & the Phone Alert System

Be Prepared! Click on the following links to see the basics of what you can do in case of Earthquakes, Fires, or Floods!

Help Yourself and Help Your Community -
Participate in the Emergency Phone Alert System

The Phone Alert System calls your phone(s) when there is a local emergency that could impact you or your property.

Where: The Phone Alert System is for the Mark West Watershed/Alpine Valley Area.

Who:  The Phone Alert System (PAS) is a project of the Emergency Preparedness Committee (EPC), which is a joint effort of the Alpine Club and the Friends of the Mark West Watershed.

Why:  Residents need a way to know, in real-time, of emergency events, such as wildfires, road closures, or on-going criminal activity.

When:  The PAS has been operation since June 1, 2009. If you have not already joined, please download the EPC PAS flyer (Attachments) below. There is no cost to join; donations are welcome!

Know your Road Captain. Your  central communication point during a local emergency, make sure your Road Captain can contact you and you can contact them. See Attachments below to download a list of Road Captains and post the list with your other emergency numbers near your phone. Keep your phone numbers updated with your Road Captain

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